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                    When you begin the process of planning your wedding day, you don't reach for a cookie cutter plan. You want a celebration that caters to your specific needs and desires. That's exactly what you get with Simone Elise Events. You are incomparable, and anything you celebrate will be the same.

Here's what we offer:


the Simone Experience

wedding management

We understand the desire to put together the pieces of the puzzle that create the picture perfect wedding day. We have a heart for a couple like you, knowing exactly what you want, where you want it, and how you want it to go. We get it! We also know that the wedding day can be even more demanding and involved than each day of the entire planning process put together. That is where we come in.

You should definitely reward yourselves after all of the hard work of planning your entire wedding day. The perfect gift, and a luxury you both should feel entitled to, is having someone there to coordinate all of the moving parts that will be sure to take place on your wedding day. Hiring us to execute all you have put together is a necessity. 

Our services include consultations beginning 2 months before your wedding date, and will involve our team gathering the details of all you have done to execute seamlessly the day you have planned. We contact all of your hired wedding professionals, create your wedding day timeline, and handle the unexpected, giving you the chance to enjoy your day.

Here is an idea of a few of the things this service can provide:

- Review vendor contracts for clarity of expectations
- Collaborate with hired vendors to align expectations for wedding day
- Wedding rehearsal (2 hours max.)
- Coordinate wedding day schedule with other vendors 
- Provide a wedding day timeline 
- Present for wedding day photos
- Handle discrepancies at wedding and reception 
- Facilitate wedding (wedding party processional and recessional)
- Facilitate reception (couple's first dance, cake cutting, toasts, bouquet toss, garter toss, etc.)


the Elise Experience

full service planning

Some couples truly do not have the time to dedicate to anything else in their busy daily schedules. Some couples have the time, and just don't want to go at it all alone. The last thing a couple in either of these scenarios should do is start down a path on conquering unknown and sometimes chaotic territory.


The things you don’t like or know about in this huge wedding world, we do. We get it, and we love it all even the twists and turns. We thrive off of moving around the many pieces to the puzzle to show the gorgeous picture that comes together as your happily ever after. 

We handle all aspects of your wedding planning process, of course, under your advisement. From the selection of other wedding professionals, to timelines and locations, to phone calls, emails, and confirmations, we handle it all. If you want the grand treatment for the planning of your big day, this service was made specifically for you.

Here is an idea of a few of the things this service can provide:

- Monthly consultations (other packages will have limited consultations)
- Design layout of event, wedding theme, and color scheme
- Assistance with wedding budget
- Provide checklist(s)
- Assistance with scheduling vendor appointments 
- Assistance with menu selections
- Assistance with limited vendor suggestions  
- Assistance with review of vendor contracts 
- Wedding rehearsal (2 hours max.)
- Coordinate schedule with other vendors 
- Provide a wedding day timeline
- Present for wedding day photos 
- Handle discrepancies throughout the wedding planning process, as well as at wedding and reception 
- Facilitate wedding (wedding party processional and recessional)
- Facilitate reception (couples first dance, cake cutting, toasts, bouquet toss, garter toss, etc.)



event design

We want you to walk into a day that is completely representative of who you are. The key to us delivering this magical moment is not by looking at what everyone else is doing, but in conversation with you. We want to know your likes, your loves, and your "I'm not really into that's" to be sure the look and feel of your day is totally a representation of who you are. We pull on all of your ideas, colors, favorite textures, and any other little thing that makes your eyes light up, bringing them all together to exude opulent overload.


When you allow your imagination to play with colors and your emotions to dance freely, anything is possible. We help you balance the unbalanced when contemplating your concepts and designs, fully executing our understanding that being detail driven goes far beyond the planning of your event, and deep into the many layers and levels of what your guests will get to see. This is how we bring your ideas to life. We observe your classic creativity, and help you achieve something we recognize as your personified glam.


We provide adequate communication through consultations and feedback during the initial design process to ensure understanding of your vision and the execution of the concept. We provide design services for both ceremony and reception, and allow this specific service, which is a separate service from any planning service, to be used in combination with a planning package. 

Here is an idea of a few of the things this service can provide:

- Full design layout
- Wedding theme
- Color scheme
- Bouquets
- Boutonnieres
- Corsages 
- Entryway design
- Guestbook area
- Table top design
- Table layout
- Place settings
- Cake table 
- Sweetheart table
- Escort card area
- Favor and gift area
- Limited consultations (meetings vary depending upon the specifics of the job)
- Inspection final facility

"Their attention to detail and vision for the bride and groom was second to none.

I look forward to working with them again in the future!" 

~ DJ Zoom