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There are so many details that go into wedding planning that it is super easy to forget the obvious to do(s). We know that every person's situation is going to differ, but there are some pretty standard things that we want you to be sure to do before you walk down the aisle.

1. Shave your legs

I had a bride remember right before she was ready to walk down the aisle that she hadn't shaved her legs. I went into the restroom to check on her and she had cut herself really bad. Of course she knew how to shave, but it was her wedding day! She was excited and overcome with emotions and had swiped that blade just a little too fast across her leg. We cleaned her up, found a bandage, and sent her down the aisle with a smile. It was still the best day of her life!

2. Break in your wedding day shoes

You already know that every pair of stilettos won't start to feel tolerable until about that 5th time of you wearing them. So, put those wedding day shoes on and give 'em a spin or two around the kitchen. You don't have to wear them outside of your home. But stand in them while folding the laundry. Doing your makeup in the bathroom mirror and standing in one spot? Why not stand in your shoes. If you are afraid you will get something on them, cover them up with a plastic bag (but only if you are standing still). You just want to give yourself a fighting chance in those beauties.

3. Schedule a day for pampering

Nope, not talking about getting your hair and nails done for your wedding. I am speaking of something that has no wedding related tasks tied to it. A just because pedicure. If you have forgotten and now you don't foresee a good day or time, a polish change can change your world.

4. Apply for your marriage license

Do you all remember that episode of RHOA, when Cynthia's mother and sister were contemplating not getting the marriage license to the officiant? Okay, so they were wrong for that. But, try showing up without the marriage license and see if you can get married. Please don't do all of that work and spend all of that money, and forget to apply for your marriage license. Check with your city and state for the proper requirements, and schedule the time to be sure you get it done.

5. Purchase your "Thank You" Notes before you walk down the aisle

Your guests will appreciate a timely receipt of gratitude for their attendance and gift for your wedding. If you wait until after you arrive from your honeymoon to even pay attention to the need for thank you notes, you could become a bit involved in being newly married and delay the opportunity to say thank you. You can even take the guess work out of it all, and simply include it in your wedding stationery suite.

Now go be awesome and amazing and beautiful!

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


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