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3 Characteristics of Awesome Wedding Professionals

Allow us to share with you what characteristics we think are key in selecting some of the best wedding professionals in this industry we love so much. We have worked with a number of people, and must say we have been blessed to experience the best of them. We have also seen how things can go terribly wrong.

Below we have taken the liberty of sharing what has been consistent to us with the best of the best.


You want to be sure you hire wedding professionals who are truly creative. It is super easy for someone to recreate an idea that someone else has already had. But you want your wedding to be specific to your wants and desires. In order for that to come to be, you have to have a creative that is truly, well… creative. A truly creative wedding professional can take what you envision and cater these ideas to give you options you would love and feel are your own. Be sure you aren’t reaching for the cookie cutter vendor, and you are going after someone who will work to bring your vision to life.


You want to be working with someone who is a professional. Wedding professionals will usually give you an idea of when they can be reached and will respond to you in a timely fashion. If you have to initiate a search and find mission every time you have a question, you are going to become frustrated. Be sure when you are interviewing your wedding professionals, that you inquire about their policies on communication, as well as how they generally respond to clients when contacted.


Professional vendors have an explanation of allowance for services listed in their contracts. Depending upon the request, whatever adjustments can be made are more than likely talked about in their policies. However, if you read through your wedding professional’s contract, and it appears that they are inflexible relating to items or services that you have or will have, and you have more questions, we encourage you to put a little more thought and have more conversations with that vendor before you sign. It could make a world of difference in regards to what you could be expecting and do not ultimately get.

The characteristics that matter most to you are what you should definitely focus on. No matter what, be sure you are building the best team for your wedding day. Understand the agreements you are making with the vendors you are hiring. Also, if nothing else, make sure you like the professionals you are teaming up with. Nothing feels good if the people you have around you aren’t people you enjoy being in the company of. You will be spending a nice amount of time with them. It should be pleasurable.

Until next time…

be sweet & happy planning!


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