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what's a bridesmaid to do?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

We know there can sometimes be a few questions as to what the duties of a bridesmaid are, and that most often the responsibilities can get a bit fuzzy the closer you get to wedding day. What you have your girls do for you will depend highly on what you need, but we figured we can get you started with a handful of suggestions.

Here is a seemingly small list of the usual duties your best girls are pretty much signing up for when they agree to take on the role of a loving bridesmaid:

Attend, organize, and host the bridal shower and bachelorette party

While the maid/matron of honor will most likely take the lead on the planning of these events, all attendants are expected to assist with whatever tasks are needed to be sure the celebrations go off without a hitch.

Assist in hosting other pre-wedding events

There are a few other events that you may decide to have during your engagement, such as an engagement party You can solicit their help in playing hostesses for the evening to be sure everything goes more smoothly.

Attend important shopping trips for wedding day attire, shoes, and accessories

This one is suppose to be automatic, right! They will have to wear the items needed to be a part of the day. It is only expected for them to show up for the scheduled shopping adventures and fittings. But because we never, ever want to assume, we think it would be best to simply place it on their list of duties.

Assist with pre-wedding shopping

So there may be other things you want to include your ladies in on, or perhaps even need them to do for you. For instance, your guest book or toasting glasses are not usually items included in any of the services you may be selecting from your vendors. These are items that will give you opportunities to hang out and shop with your best girls to find. Even if you order them online, this could be something you designate for any of them to handle.

Help with mailing out of invitation and organizing the receipt of RSVPs

This is a service that can be handled by wedding vendors like your stationer or wedding planner, but most often not without an additional fee. If this isn't an area you wish to financially indulge in, then you may want to call on your wedding day squad for this task. Letting them know up front about this assignment could make all of the difference in the level of fun you have too. Just saying! Any opportunity to have a party...right!

Attend early sessions for wedding day hair and makeup

If you don't tell them ahead of time that you will be hiring a hairstylist and makeup artist for wedding day specifically for you all, and that they will have to be there during this process, they will not know. As long as they are made aware of the fact that you will need them to be in attendance for possible hair and makeup trials, wedding day hair and makeup, and the time to be there on wedding day with the persons you have hired for your specific look, they will know what to expect.

Assist bride with getting dressed

Take full advantage of people's desire to spoil you, especially those closest to you. Don't misuse them, but if they are offering to take care of you, let them. You will need the help of getting into your wedding gown so that you don't mess up your hair or sweat your makeup off. But more than anything, it will feel really good to get that love and affection. Plus, it makes for an amazing photo op.

Your list could be smaller than the items listed above. You may even add to this list as time goes on. What ever you do, just be sure you communicate effectively to your ladies. Create a group email or text to even allow better and more fluent communication between you all. Trust me, they will appreciate you for telling them all they need to know up front.

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


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