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Do seasons really matter?

The fairytale is often a beautiful spring wedding when the trees are the pretties of colors and the flowers are at full bloom. Sometimes the fairytale is fueled with the visuals of a rich jewel color palette. Whatever the dream, the seasons will play a huge part. We want to talk a little about the different things you may need to anticipate while planning your nuptials as it relates to the season.

Outdoor vs Indoor

An outdoor wedding is always thought to be the usual spring to do. With outdoor weddings, though it is thought to be a fairytale within itself, there is a bit of work to be done. Outdoor weddings can take place in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, though the Summer is not as favorable depending on where you are located. Being sure your guests are comfortable should always be top of mind. All of the amenities that would be provided for an indoor event will need to be made available for your outdoor celebration. Even if you aren’t having an outdoor wedding, but your guests will spend certain parts of the day outdoors, such as the cocktail hour due to space or even the layout of your chosen venue, you still want to make certain they are comfortable.

Color palette

We love most color palettes and believe you should be able to do what you want. But even we have to admit that there are some colors that should not be placed together in certain seasons. You wouldn’t do bright pastels in the winter nor would you do heavy burgundy and black in the spring. If there is a color you are madly in love with, you can easily mix it with complimentary colors that mesh well with the season you are in. We just want you to be able to look back at your wedding photos and still be in awe for years to come.

Flowers, in and out of season

If you are the kind of girl who dreams of a particular type of flower, and you do not want to get married without it, you may want to do some research before you set your wedding date. I mean, which is more important to you…the flower or the date. I know someone is really contemplating, so this part of this post is just for you. We can tell you, as trained florists, that substitutes are not deal breakers. However, we are also advocates of you getting what you want. So again, think really hard about which is more important to you. Just knowing that peonies aren’t usually available during the winter, while you have your heart set on them, may save you from a world of disappointment.

So, you tell us…Do seasons really matter? We think they do. There is a lot to consider and if you want your guests to talk about how amazing your wedding was, you definitely want to take the things we have shared here into consideration.

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