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Everybody, gather around... let’s talk about the estate table or the round

We wanted to talk a little about the layout of your wedding as it relates to reception seating for your guests. We know that some people may have given this more thought than others. But because it is a topic we discuss quite often, we figured it would be welcomed information for all.

There is an enormous amount of detail that goes into the look and feel of your reception space. The chairs you use, the lighting, and yes, even the type of tables chosen play a part in the overall aesthetics. There are some things to consider, though, before you set your mind and heart on a particular look and layout. In this post, we want to talk about the tables in particular and what happens when you decide to use one type as opposed to the other.

When we say type of table, we are talking basically about the round table or the long rectangular table that are available at most venues. When you use a round table, you are usually using a 60 inch to a 72 inch round table. When you use a long table, you are usually using a 6ft long or an 8 ft long table. Both can work in any space. It gets tricky, however, when you dive deeper into the number of guests you will need to account for in the space for your reception. But before we go any further, lets talk numbers. At a 60 inch round, most venues will note that they seat 8 to 10 people comfortably. But you try eating without moving your elbows and see how comfortable you are. (I know someone just lifted their arm to see how it would work, and you just proved my point…) 60 inch rounds seat about 8 people comfortably, and a 72 inch round, though can take up to 12 people, seats 10 comfortably. A 6ft long table seats 4 to 6 people, and an 8ft long table seats 6 to 8 people, depending on whether or not you plan to place people at the ends of the tables. Long tables become estate tables when you group them together, or you can simply rent estate tables. So now that we are all caught up on the specifics of the tables, let’s talk space.

Longer tables tend to take up more space than round tables. Linear space is always more than circular space. So even though the longer tables give a different look, and in some cases for certain couples a more appealing look, it may not be ideal for your reception space. You may also want to be sure to ask questions to the venue if you are wanting to try a layout you haven’t seen in the space you will be using. Ask if what you are thinking of trying can be done. After all, the venue knows their space better than anyone else.

If you want to have a mix of both, you can do that as well. Placement of the tables will be key, but it can definitely put a spin on the usual and give you the sparkle that you hoped for. You can also use the change up in table arrangements as a chance to choose who you want to seat at certain tables. You can do all rounds and place your wedding party at longer estate styled tables, or you can flip it and have a never-ending estate table with rounds in the center. It is up to you, because it is of course the space you have to create your own perfect oasis of a wedding day.

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