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Wedding Planner vs Wedding Coordinator

There are quite a few differences between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator. We know that it is easy for people to assume they are the same, but there is really a very distinct difference. At the end of the day, we know you are in need of the assistance of someone who will run your day. We wanted to take the time to explain what the both of these mean to help you make sure you are hiring the right person for an amazing day.

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A wedding planner assists you with planning your wedding and/or they plan the entire wedding based on your desires, depending on the specific services of the planner you hire. Wedding planners can assist with so many things that extend far beyond selecting all of your wedding vendors, attending meetings, and speaking to the logistics of your wedding day. They help you sort out and create the details you want to be sure are translated and executed perfectly to your guests.

A wedding coordinator is someone who only comes on board to execute all you have planned for your wedding day. You have taken on the responsibilities of choosing and hiring all of your wedding day vendors. You have signed off on all of the details you want and the services you expect to be provided from each of them. The wedding coordinator basically comes in, gathers everything you have planned, and executes the day based on the agreements you have with all of your wedding professionals.

A wedding planner will suggest specific vendors to you, but a wedding coordinator is not obligated to do that. A wedding planner will help you weigh out the benefits of one service as opposed to another, but a wedding coordinator expects you to already know what you want. If you feel throughout your planning process that you will need help and advice, and that you aren’t going to want to walk this amazing journey alone, you want a wedding planner. If you are looking forward to pulling all of the dreams you have had stored away for this day into reality, laying out all the detail as you see it, or you know exactly what you want from beginning to end, you may want to simply invest in a wedding coordinator.

We would hate for you to sign up to a service with a misunderstanding of what you will receive, so we hope this information gives you what you need to make a well-informed decision.

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