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3 reasons why you need a wedding day timeline

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

We cringe at the thought of a wedding taking place without a timeline. How in the world does that even happen?! What we want to do, if nothing else, is make sure you understand why it is so important to have a wedding day timeline. It is a no brain-er for us that you need a schedule for one of the most involved, both physically and emotionally, days of your life. Allow us to walk you through a few of the reasons we feel a timeline is a must.

Reason #1: Everyone needs to know when to be

There are so many moving parts on wedding days. This isn’t something you know unless you have been married before or you have been a part of a wedding. The day involves so many people from the wedding participants, to the wedding professionals, and then the adorned wedding guests. A timeline keeps everything and everyone moving. Could you imagine a day where the bridesmaids show up an hour before the ceremony not dressed with no makeup while you are photo ready? What about a pastry chef showing up during the ceremony ready to setup your wedding cake with nowhere to place it, because the reception space is also the ceremony space? Timelines are important because they tell everybody when to be. You cannot have your wedding without a timeline.

Reason #2: Wedding vendors charge more when additional time is needed

Another reason you need a timeline is because with weddings, delay causes overpay. Yes, you can be charged more on your wedding day for vendors who have to spend additional time providing services. You do not need to make decisions on whether or not you should pay your videographer for another two hours because you haven’t done the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, or the garter toss yet. Who wants to talk about having to spend more money on their wedding day? A timeline would keep everyone on task with what is to come and prevents time lost on the unimportant.

Reason #3: Less chaos

A timeline works as an agenda. It keeps you from having to guess at what is next. On wedding days, people are emotional. Yes, it is your wedding and not theirs, but that will not stop a person from having a mind or even an agenda of their own, especially if they already have no direction. A timeline will keep down confusion and dictates assignments of the wedding party and vendors. You also don’t want people coming to you, the bride and the groom, asking about what they are supposed to be doing. If you have a developed and cohesive timeline, people will know what to expect.

Now, hiring a wedding planner can alleviate the amount of stress you could possibly endure. A wedding planner takes care of all of this for you by communicating with all of your wedding professionals, scheduling your wedding day from beginning to end, and is right there to handle any mishaps, giving you the chance to enjoy being a bride and a groom. Even if you want to handle all of the planning aspects of the event, hiring a wedding coordinator to execute the day is an option as well. You wouldn’t have to create and figure out all of the inner-workings of a timeline. You can plan your entire wedding and hand it off for the coordinator to run.

We can guarantee you this, if you go into this day without a timeline you are going to regret it. We have seen it happen far too many times. At least consider your options as it relates to hiring someone to assist with these tasks on wedding day. It could very well save the day.

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