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Wedding Day Time Savers

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

So who wouldn't want to save time, and ultimately money, on their wedding day wherever they can? On this blog post, we are sharing with you a few things that we know you can do to maximize your time and energy on wedding day. If you are willing to consider these suggestions, you could guarantee yourself more time on the dance floor. It is a party after all, right!

Here we go!

If you can...

Try and stay at one location, whether that is having hair and make up at the ceremony location, or having your ceremony and reception at the same facility. If you can keep travel down, your day will go so much smoother. Nerves are all over the place, and that isn't just for the bride and the groom. Your parents are in overdrive, your siblings are pulling double duty to be sure you have what you need, and your best man and maid or matron of honor are checking on you every 5 seconds. It is best to be as still as possible, when possible.

Who told you that first looks were a bad idea?

Listen, they told you a huge untruth! If anything, a first look allows you to be absolutely sure the expression on your soon-to-be's face is captured in it's truest moment. We know you want that monumental moment of being seen for the first time as you come down the aisle in all of your bridal glory. You can still have that moment, and so many more. We have witnessed an emotional first look and an emotional bridal entrance all in one wedding, multiple times. It can very well happen for your wedding as well. As long as you create the moment, the tears will come. This is also an opportunity to get a huge part of the wedding photos taken care of without holding the food hostage from your wedding guests when the time comes for the reception. Anything can happen on your wedding day, and if you can plan for things to take place at earlier times that do not conflict with your ceremony and reception, you want to take full advantage of it.

Don't answer...

Answering phone calls from people who want to let you know they will be there and just wanted to say hi in case you don't see them... is a waste of time. Think about it. You are the bride. You are preparing to start your bridal session photos that are taking place before the wedding ceremony. Your phone rings and it is the wedding musician letting you know he is about 30 minutes away and should arrive right on schedule. Let's be honest...that is great news, but is it something you would like to focus on in that moment? Now you have to re-collect yourself and place yourself back in the position of the bride. Having a planner (shameless plug!) to take care of things such as this will save time for you on wedding day. If all else fails, just give your phone to someone else.

So there you have it! These are suggestions that we feel are great time savers and may even prevent unnecessary stress on your wedding day.

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


(photo credit: Tories Dixon Photography and Simone Elise Events)

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