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Morning, Noon, or Night

With us being in the throws of Spring, we thought it would be great to share about the best time of day to have an outdoor ceremony. We know that the perfect weather on the perfect day is the Spring wedding fairytale and often the goal for weddings this time of year. However, you can absolutely miss the mark if you choose the wrong time of day. We are in fact positive that not only will your wedding guests agree with us, but your photographer will as well. Allow us to tell you why.


Pros: You can enjoy on most mornings a beautiful breeze, and if you are early enough, a magical sunrise. The best thing about morning ceremonies is you are done with the particulars pretty early, and you get to have the remainder of the day to spend with one another. If your photographer allows, you can get pre-ceremony photos during sunrise, have your ceremony rather early, and serve breakfast or brunch for your reception. Can you imagine the gorgeous photos that could be captured from your wedding day? We can!

Cons: Not everybody you invite will attend. Some people are just not morning people and may not be up for the challenge of an early ceremony.


To tell you the truth, we struggle finding positives to discuss when talking about outdoor afternoon ceremonies. The sun is at it’s highest, which places your guests in direct heat and makes your photographer have to do the impossible in delivering stellar pictures to you. If you have to have an afternoon ceremony, we suggest you forego the outdoor option. You, yourself may be miserable. The word sticky actually comes to mind.


Pros: Okay, so when we say night, we actually mean sunset. There are so many beautiful opportunities for a sunset wedding if you time all of the pre-ceremony activities properly or even ahead of time. Your wedding would be most memorable and your photos will absolutely make a mark for years to come. The best part of this option is that you can be even more creative under the night’s sky with your reception ideas.

Cons: If you catch the sunset, your photos could be amazing. However, if you miss it welcome to the dark side because your photos will need more light and could call for more editing than anticipated.

So, don’t ever say we didn’t share sound advice with you. If you are contemplating an outdoor ceremony or wedding, you want to definitely consider the time of day because it could make or break your wedding experience.

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