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What is an unplugged ceremony, you say? An unplugged ceremony is asking your family, friends, and guests to turn off all electronic devices and refrain from taking photos during the wedding ceremony. There are several reasons to entertain the idea of an unplugged ceremony. I mean think about it. People aren’t usually engaged when there is an electronic device in their hands. Another thought behind the reason for this seemingly simple request is that it makes your photographer, the person you actually paid I am sure a large amount of money, work 10 times harder to avoid your aunt’s extended arm with her cell phone at the end of it.

So, if you are considering the idea of an unplugged ceremony, there are a few tasteful ways you can make guests aware.

Most couples create a wedding website. This is a place to familiarize guests, especially those out of town, with what to expect. You can tell your love story, give some great ideas of things to do or places to stay while they are in town, and help keep track of wedding details such as registries or RSVP responses. Being sure you have the request of an unplugged ceremony placed in a nice cohesive and visible place on your wedding website is a great way to notify your guests of your wedding ceremony wishes.

Another way to be sure your guests are aware of your desire to have an unplugged ceremony is to be sure you have signage. There are a ton of tasteful and cute ways to ask guests to be sure they put up electronic devices and enjoy the ceremony, so don’t be fearful of how this will look. Having a sign super close to the entrance of the ceremony space or even near the guest book area would absolutely deliver the notice you need to have guests be on their best behavior.

Our final suggestion is to have the guests be notified via an announcement before the start of the ceremony. You can ask the officiant, the DJ, or your musician to deliver a very delicate speech advising of the orders at the request of the couple to please not take any photos and to silence all electronic devices before the ceremony begins.

So, if it is your desire to have your guests thoroughly enjoy your ceremony, because this is the true reason for the celebration, you may want to give an unplugged ceremony some major thought.

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