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To change or not to change...

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Is that really the question? Well, let us tell you we say "Go for it"! We encourage this type of behavior. Why? Because we know he can if he wants. When we find out that the bride is changing into a different gown or dress, we automatically look to the groom to see if he plans to change as well. It makes for more fun moments and adventures during the reception and it gives opportunity to show even more of your couple style. Yes, couple style is a thing.

We all know that often times the bride will transition from her wedding ceremony gown to a party dress for the reception. This allows her to “let her hair down” and party with her now husband for the first time. There is a sense of glee and relaxation that we are sure every bride feels in that moment. A change of attire can also give the groom that same feeling. Whether he is taking off the formal tux to slip on a velvet smokers jacket or damask blazer, or simply taking off his jacket and tie leaving his vest on to relax a little, it’s all still very welcomed in our book.

We believe that changing opens the door for the bride and groom to feel a different sense of awareness in the moment. There is truly just something about it! As a groom, changing into a satin, textured, or studded bow-tie, to having options regarding wearing a tuxedo shirt or a simple button down can make a world of difference. Or even keeping on your tuxedo from the ceremony and for the reception, but taking off your neck wear and changing your pocket square...that too can do something for you in the moment. You can even go a step further and put on a stylish pair of loafers to dance the night away…because you know she is going to hit the dance floor.

groom's attire

All of these are simple options to allow the groom the chance to have a different look. If you don’t want to that is fine too. Who is anybody to say the jacket you chose for the ceremony is not fly or just right for the reception as well. Watching your queen in all of her bridal glory, no matter how many times she changes, may be all the excitement you need. You do whatever you want to do. After all, it is your day too.


"the groom's guru"


(photo credit: Demarcus Bowser Photography, Jonathan's Photography & Design, A. Lever Studios, & Simone Elise Events)

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