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The Perfect Wedding Day Images

Once you become engaged, your eyes are drawn to all things wedding related. All of the pretty stuff and everything that adds to the warm and fuzzy feeling that is now the norm for you becomes most important. It is true that your wedding day is just one day of your entire life, and if it is planned right you will never want it to end. But as you know, it cannot go on forever...except in photos. So how great would it be to be sure you have photos of moments throughout your day that mean the absolute most to you and your soon-to-be.

The best way to be sure you get specific images on your wedding day is to have a conversation with your wedding planner and your wedding day photographer. Let them know which moments are most important to you, and perhaps even share why. Skilled wedding professionals are able to listen and understand what you want. If there are images you want but you're unsure of how to explain it, pull pictures as examples to share with your photographer so they can help with creating that feeling and that moment for your wedding day.

Here are some really nice ideas for being sure you get the perfect story book images for your wedding day:

You want to make sure you and your best girl have your moment. Be creative with it. It does not have to be formal or posed. Sometimes candid photos turn out to be the best and are often preferred by photographers. This is an image of our bride LaTorya and her best girl primping before her pre-ceremony photos took place.

Do you know exactly what to do to get the biggest smile from your wifey-to-be and plan to make sure it happens on wedding day? Why not be sure it is captured to look back at for years to come. Here is a pic of one of the biggest smiles I had seen at the time on our bride Veronica...and the love note on the shoes will get you every time!

(courtesy of http://www.jonathansphotography.org)

Know your groom is silly and that there are some moments he won't help but show off his funny-bone no mater who is watching. Be sure the photographer knows exactly who they are dealing with so they can be ready for anything... like this! This is how our groom Dan was captured shortly after removing the garter from his beautiful wife.

(courtesy of http://www.smashstudiosphoto.com)

Don't want to see each other until you walk down the aisle, but want to build anticipation or perhaps even pray together. How does a "no look" sound? For our bride LaTasha, her dress was top secret, and once she started sharing pictures of it with me...I understood why. But they were open to sharing a moment together, and shortly after, she wanted to know the deets on what he looked like, was he smiling, did he cry, you know...the sentimental stuff that we are ALWAYS here for.

If you take time to allow your photographer to get to know you, and you have conversations with them ahead of time, you will find your end resolve to be most satisfying. Most are open to talking with you, as they too want to be sure they capture those moments you know are truly important to you for your wedding day. Years from now when you look back at your wedding day photos and reminisce on the moments captured, you get to relive it all over again.

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


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