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Taking care of the wedding party

When someone says yes to being a part of your wedding day, they are saying yes to a nice lengthy list of responsibilities. We cannot reiterate enough that your wedding party was invited by you. They did not have to say yes, but they did and they did it for you. Don’t wait until your rehearsal dinner to say thank you.

We know you are wondering where we are going with this post, but let’s take a second to talk a little about their level of commitment. For most weddings, the bridesmaids buy their own dresses and shoes, while the groomsmen purchase or rent their own tuxes. There is hair, makeup, and nails to be done, and it is a must for the guys to be groomed to perfection as well. So, when interacting with them, be sure to treat them special. We want to share a few ideas with you to help you ensure they feel your gratitude along the way.

A suggestion in the area of care would be to schedule some non-wedding related time. Go out to lunch, or for drinks. Go shopping or to the movies. Catch a game or play billiards. There are several ways to continue to build on the friendship and to show your appreciation.

Even after purchases have been made and appointments for wedding day grooming have been booked, you can still take it a few steps further. Be sure that you have a gift for each one of them that speaks of warmth and gratitude. It may even be a good idea to write a special handwritten note to each of them. You can even make sure they are fed on wedding day before the wedding begins. They say the way to the heart is through the stomach, and food makes people smile anyway.

Remember, your wedding party participants are there completely because you asked. Their time spent celebrating you is priceless. Be sure you take care of them. We just hope we have shared something with you that helps in your efforts to do just that.

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