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Sunday Wedding Anyone?

Ever consider having a Sunday wedding? So, it is true that it wouldn't be a great idea for everyone, but there are a number of couples who would benefit from putting a spin on the norm. We are going to share with you 3 reasons why a Sunday wedding could be a great idea for you.

1. Budget

Sundays are the 2nd most used day for weddings. Most of the time, Sundays are the days most couples choose if they have their hearts set on a specific venue that happens to not be available on a Saturday of their choosing. But most people choose to have their nuptials take place on a Sunday because it is not as expensive. Sundays are an inconvenience for most people. They have to prepare for their work week and children have to be ready to attend school. The decrease in people who are able to attend may not set well with your heart, but your budget may appreciate it.

2. Adult Only Reception

Because most children are preparing to get their standard 8 hours of rest for the next day, they are likely to not attend your Sunday wedding. And let's just be honest... There are some things we cannot do when children are in the room. But this route will allow you to let your hair down and let loose. You don't have to answer questions regarding why Uncle Brad is underneath your wedding dress, or what a garter is and why he used his teeth to get it. You get to laugh and be free, and married, and inlove.

3. More Opportunity for Creativity

You can do so many other things to make your Sunday wedding unique and fun. The idea I love the most for Sunday weddings, and truly believe will never get old, is a sunrise ceremony and a brunch reception. Think of the possibilities and beauty that could bring. You don't like the idea of having a super early wedding? Start with brunch for your guests, move to the courtyard area or gather around a fountain or gazebo to say "I do", and serve cake and champagne following the nuptials. The possibilities are endless. (You're welcome for that idea by the way.)

Whatever you decide, send us pics. We love a good party.

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


(photo credit: Demarcus Bowswer Photography)

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