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Understanding Specifics in Your Wedding Contracts

There isn't much we dislike about wedding planning and design. Our thoughts both in the mornings and before going to bed at night are in some form associated with weddings and events. But if we had to rank a few things, we can tell you what would be at the lowest part of the list. If you think it's dealing with a chaotic wedding party, you are wrong. It is contracts. It's an icky part of the blissful fairytale we discuss throughout the entire process, but it is the most essential as well.

In order to get to a point of understanding your contacts, let's first talk about the purpose of the contract as a whole. Contracts are agreements between you and the vendor you have chosen for a specific service. It spells out the responsibilities of both parties involved and can be viewed essentially as protection. The agreements you form with your wedding professionals are going to dictate the services you will receive on wedding day. They will also dictate what you will not receive on your wedding day. It is of the utmost importance that you completely understand what you are agreeing to.

Now, understand we are not legal counselors and are only attempting to give our opinion on things you should pay close attention to. The main areas of your agreements that we want to zone in on are dates and deadlines, avoidance of conflict with vendor to vendor rules, and specific allowances and restrictions.

Date & Deadlines

We advise that you look for all dates and deadlines in all of your contracts and mark them on your calendar in advance. This will keep you aware and ready of what is expected of you when specific dates arrive. For example, if you have a date that your deposit is due by, or a date where the contract cannot be changed, it would be in your best interest to be aware of this upcoming date so that you can address any changes before that time.

Conflict with Vendor to Vendor Rules

We know you just asked yourself “what does that mean?” In some vendor contracts, there are exclusivity clauses. Meaning, no one else can do what they do on your day but them. This typically works out fine, but sometimes can cause conflict. For example, if you hire a photography who provides both photography and videography services, this may conflict with the services of the videographer you already have a contract with. You would definitely want to speak with both vendors and be sure they both understand the services you are wanting from each of them. You would also want to ensure you have read and completely understand their contracts, and ask the questions you need to ask to be sure you understand their rules on exclusivity.

Allowances & Restrictions

Picture this! You have arrived at your wedding venue and you see the setup for your outdoor wedding ceremony all beautifully done. But there is only one problem. The rental facility set the chairs up on the opposite side of the venue, and on the grass. The facility is asking everything be moved, and has pointed out in the contract that nothing can be setup on the grass. Now you have a problem because right now you should be getting hair and makeup done, and someone has to move the chairs off of the grass. Granted, this may be one of the absolute worst scenarios (and would more than likely not happen if you hire a professional planner), but you get the picture. Being sure you have clearly explained your expectations for your wedding to those who need to be aware of your ideas, and understand what is and isn’t allowed is a part of the process. Ask the questions needed so you get the answers in advance, and you don’t have to deal with issue like this one on your wedding day.

Contracts can be very confusing. Take your time and be sure you understand what you are signing, ask questions if you aren’t clear, and hire a professional wedding planner. It could save you lots of time, frustration, and money.

Until next time…

be sweet & happy planning!


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