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Size Matters

We are designers and we live for the days when we get to play in lush pretty blooms. There is some type of endorphin release that takes place when we get to arranging that is unlike any other skill for us and it makes for the prettiest of presentations.

When it comes to talking about the size of your décor elements, we need you to understand that the smaller your decor the less the impact. We aren’t saying small is bad, but size definitely matters. Before you start trying to figure out the specifics of what you want your event to look like, you may want to decide on how you want it to feel and the mark you want to make on your guests. Determine if your goal is grand or intimate, because the décor elements play a huge part in making all of your dreams and visions come together.

Large & In-charge

We know you have seen some massive designs and we can’t even begin to describe how exciting it is to produce these effects that people love to see so much. We think most people go initially for the large lush centerpieces because it is the natural thing to do. We, as people, innately feel that bigger is better. But we want you to be sure this is the direction you want to go because it can get a little costly. Before you fully commit to a completely elevated layout, think about the space in which you will be celebrating. Are the ceilings high or low? Is the space small or ginormous? Are you having an intimate affair or will it be a full on party? You want to be sure large arrangements compliment the area just right and give off the vibes you want.

How Low Can You Go

Low arrangements can make huge impacts with the right amount of details and good placement. Don’t shy away from a low arrangement just because it isn’t as tall and big as the elevated options. Low lush designs give off a feel of ambiance that can allow the event to take a different level of flight. The best option is when you can mix the large elevated arrangements with the low lush arrangements. Seeing a mix of design is actually preferred by most designers, as it balances the room really well.

“Candlelit Drama” is a thing (if you want it to be…)

We feel like we know what you are going to say about candles as a centerpiece. Candles aren’t so much the first option for some as they are a last resort. But we have to tell you that when they are used as a last resort, it isn’t going to look like it does in your mind. Candles can be expensive too, but the impact those beauties make is incomparable. We aren’t talking about a handful of candles in a centerpiece. We like our candles like we like our flowers…in abundance. If you are doing all candle centerpieces, you have to have enough to allow them to fully carry your message and theme out. But once again, a mix of blooms and flicker will win our hearts every time. If you can combine the elevated with the low and lush, you can absolutely incorporate some beautiful candle centerpieces in the mix.

So, we have to ask…did you think by the subject of this post that we were talking about something. Shame on you. Also, ha! We figured we could get a good laugh together on this one. But seriously, think really hard about how you want your design layout to be and the message and vibe you want to portray. Because at the end of the day, your guests are going to talk and we want it to be nothing but admiration.

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