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He popped the question and you said yes!!! Congratulations! This is an extremely exciting time for you. The first thing we know you just thought to do was schedule wedding dress shopping. As you begin this sweet adventure, be sure to pack your Kleenex.

We also have 3 things we suggest you "don’t do."

Don’t get your dress hemmed without heels.

Please don’t make the mistake of getting your wedding dress altered without having at least a shoe on that is close in height to your wedding day shoes. Your hem line will not adjust on your wedding day and if your dress isn’t the vision you remembered from your fitting, you may be a little …or a lot…upset. Your seamstress may be magical and could be fully capable of guessing at the height of your heels, but wouldn’t you rather be sure. You want to feel absolutely beautiful walking down the aisle, and if something as simple as remembering to grab your wedding day shoes helps get you to that resolve then I would call it DONE.

Don’t have your final fitting without your wedding day undergarments.

If you are the girl who has never worn Spanx, then God bless you honey. But if you happen to be one of us “thick thighs save lives” type of girls, you are going to want to be sure you are nice and snatched where you want and need to be to get the look you have been envisioning. Go shopping for your wedding day undergarments and take them with you for your final fitting. You want to do as much of a dress rehearsal as possible so that everything is placed, and if need be, tucked in its own spot for the wedding. Your pictures will tell the true story. What do you want them to say?

Don’t get stuck on one type of dress.

Communication is going to be key here when you begin to work with your bridal stylist at the bridal salon you have chosen. You want to be sure you articulate what it is you love about the types of dress(s) you want because those details help the attendant at the bridal salon with pointing you in the direction of the perfect gown for you. If you are drawn to a particular neckline or you have always envisioned a ball gown, she is the one you will need to be sure you share those details with. This will make the difference in your shopping experience and keeps you from being held hostage to one idea. No one wants you to leave frustrated and without a dress. Help them, help you.

Here’s a bonus for you:

Don’t assume you can’t afford what you want.

As stated in the point listed above, articulating what it is you love about a particular gown can help point the bridal stylist in the right direction for helping you find the perfect dress for you. Just be sure you remember to include your budget at the start of the conversation. Being able to see what your options are when it comes to both style and price may surprise you. Do you know how many wedding dresses there are in this world? It is nearly impossible for you to not be able to find something that genuinely speaks to your heart, unless you are unsure of what that is yourself.

There you have it! These are things we suggest you DON’T do when shopping for your wedding dress. We surely hope we have shared something here that helps you prepare for your shopping experience.

Until next time…

be sweet & happy planning!


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