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Say it again…oh, and again!

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Things you will need to know before you can get started with planning your wedding...

There are three things you will repeat over and over again throughout your entire wedding planning process. You will say every time you begin to speak with a new wedding professional the total number of guests you are expecting, your wedding date, and your budget. By the time you reach a full month of planning, you will begin to blurt these things out before you are even asked in a conversation. Why are these three things the most talked about during the planning process? Because they determine what your day will ultimately be. This is the who, the what, and the how to everything you are planning for, other than your actual nuptials…which are the most important detail of the day. But if you are having a wedding, these are the things you need to take into account, and you will need to know these things before any wedding professional is able to give you any information on what they can provide and how they can produce the wedding you want.

The who: The total number of guests you are expecting

Guests count is one of the most crucial parts of the entire planning process. It gives you an idea of how much everything could possibly cost. Let me break this down for you. When you go to a wedding of which you were notified of from an invitation you received by mail, you sign the guests’ book, you get a wedding program, and you sit in a seat placed in a beautifully decorated room with nice flowers and candles at each aisle. You leave the ceremony and go into the cocktail hour where you can get a beverage and perhaps an hors d'oeuvre or two. You find an escort card with your name on a dressed for the Oscars styled table or an ornate mirror telling which table you are to be seated for the reception. You enter a beautifully transformed space fit for a king and queen to find the table that will house the seat, the charger plater, the napkin, the utensils, the drinking glass, the menu card, the table number, and the place card designed with you and all of the other guests in mind. You get the picture yet. You plus everyone else in the room add up. And we didn’t even get to talk about food. The number of people you have will determine the cost of your wedding. Every single item will cost something, and it will be up to you and your soon to be to determine how many people you will let partake in your day.

The what: Your wedding date

Deciding on your date will make a huge difference for everyone from the vendors to the guests. The date tells the vendors of availability of certain items, as well as their own availability. For instance, you can request a certain type of flower all year long. However, if it is a flower that is out of season, you are probably going to pay more for it. Your vendors want to be able to advise you of your best options and of whether or not your ideas will be doable. The date of your wedding tells so much about the possibilities and it is so important to know that detail before you begin these conversations.

The how: Your wedding budget

Do you remember all of the items named in “the who” of this post? Well, your budget, which is what you and your fiancé, along with any other persons contributing to the bottom-line have sat down and discussed in great detail, tells you how much of those listed (and more) you can actually include. The what tells you how many people will be able to enjoy the details you have put together. You guessed it! This is the how. Being honest with what you can pay between engagement and wedding date will keep you from so much headache and heartache. This is ultimately the core and the foundation for what you and your guests will experience. Determine a reasonable budget at the very beginning, and stick to it.

We hope we have shared something with you in this post that will give you a running head start into the magical world we know and love. Wedding planning can be an amazing journey for you if you do your homework. Anything else you need can be facilitated by your wedding planner. If you happen to be in need, we are only a call away.

Until next time…

be sweet & happy planning!


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