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The timing of save the dates and invitations, and why both exist.

There are several ways to notify your potential wedding guests of your plans to get married. However, there are two specific ways that come to mind first and we would love to discuss these with you. Are you familiar with save the dates and invitations? We know you are, but we also know there are a few questions surrounding need or importance of both items. If you take a look below, we can start the conversation with you.

Save the dates are only for notifying your wedding guests of the specific date you plan to get married. They only give your guests advance notice of your upcoming wedding and can be extremely helpful for those who have to make travel plans to attend. Save the dates are typically sent out to guests about eight months prior to the wedding date, but can be sent as early as one year, especially for destination weddings or if you are expecting a great number of out-of-town guests who will need that time to make arrangements.

The idea of a save the date is fun to some, but the use of these are truly dependent on the couple. You can really dig in to your creativity with their look, their possible use for dual purposes such as a calendar, and even the way in which guests receive them. This is the perfect place for you to put those gorgeous photos from your engagement session to work. Whether you use this option or not as a part of your wedding stationery will all boil down to a matter of choice for you and your fiancé. It isn’t mandatory, but it is super fun and really cute.

Invitations are where guests will find out more about the who, what, and where for your wedding. It is the first thing most guests will see, if you decide to go without save the dates, and will set the tone for the type of wedding you plan to have. It goes ahead of you to announce your expectations for those invited, giving them a sense of style and personality that only you and your soon to be can convey.

Invitations are usually mailed to guests eight weeks before the wedding date with an expectation of response to the RSVP of whether or not the person(s) invited plan to attend. It is important to send your invitations out with enough time for guests to decide on whether or not they plan to attend, and to make arrangements. You can absolutely send an invitation without sending a save the date. It again comes back to a matter of preference.

Whichever way you decide to go, just be authentic and be you. This way, when your guests receive what you send, they are equally as excited to attend as you are to have them join you for this special day.

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