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Suggestions for Relaxation... while planning your wedding

It is so very important to disconnect from the wedding planning process to be sure you don’t suffer from burnout. Wedding planning can be pretty stressful, and you have to live afterwards. A way to be sure you don’t run off all of your family and friends, and to ensure you actually enjoy your wedding, is to routinely unplug and take special care of your mental wellness throughout this planning process.

Below are just a few suggestions on some simple things you can do to initiate your plan:

Take one bite at a time

Wedding planning is multifaceted and can be extremely overwhelming for the person who is new to anything to do with wedding planning. If you try and take on every area all at one time, your will stress yourself out. A part of self-care is knowing when you are taking on too much. Take one bite at a time. It can be a big bite, but do your best to finish the task at hand before you move to the next part. You can only do what your body and mind will allow.

Be sure to schedule something that takes care of you directly

Okay, that was a long subtopic, but we wanted you to get our point. Scheduling a quick mani/pedi or a facial may not seem like much, but it makes a great difference in your state of mind when you can take a little time to relax. If the mani/pedi isn’t quite your thing, schedule a peaceful walk or a date with you, a bucket of popcorn, and a movie. Taking time for yourself while planning a wedding is a must. You don’t want to be too far into overdrive.

Do something intentional weekly (not wedding related) that you know will put a smile on your face

Being intentional about anything makes a huge difference in the outcome. When you are intentional about being sure you take time for you, it makes a world of difference for how you experience your wedding planning journey. Scheduling little “happys” as you go along the way will give you an opportunity to be clearer mentally. You know better than anyone what makes you smile, or even gets a gut-busting laugh out of you. Be sure you schedule non-wedding related events that are sure to put a genuine smile on your face.

Once you get the rhythm of your plans for relaxing started, send us some of the things you decided to do for yourself. We are always interested in new ideas.

Until next time…

be sweet & happy planning!


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