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Our "To You" Top 5 To Do(s)

Updated: May 6, 2019

During your planning process, you will have plenty of lists, agenda items, meetings, and decisions to make. We want you to keep in mind what we have deemed to be THE top 5 to do(s) while planning your wedding.

You will not find these on your standard checklist seen in almost any wedding planning magazine or website. Nope…these are our top 5 for living in the moment of the planning process and being sure you have something to reminisce about for years to come.

So here goes:

1. Get a manicure...not just to show your ring initially after you become engaged, but throughout the entire process. Every now and then you are going to look over at your ring, and your heart will go pitter-pat. Cute nails will be an added touch of flair to your already beautifully adorned hand...don't you think?

2. Celebrate every time you secure a professional for your dream team of wedding day vendors, or complete one of their payments towards the completion of it all. Go get ice cream or yogurt. YOLO right! Wedding planning can become a little stressful, and securing a great vendor is a major accomplishment that should be celebrated. So, get your life at the sugar shack!

3. Take plenty of pictures. You don't want to only have your wedding day photos to look back on all the fun you have had, do you? If you and your girls go eye-buying for shoes or jewelry, take an usie! Even if you go at it on your own, snap it up! This could be one of the best times to work on your wedding day selfie angle. You’ll want to remember everything…trust me!

4. As an extension of #3...during your tastings, take pictures of the options and a selfie with the chef. You may look back at the photos and decide to go with the entree you didn't choose as your 1-year anniversary dinner, or the details of the wedding cake you didn’t choose as a housewarming, baby shower, or birthday design. Great idea, right? You're welcome!

...and finally!

5. If you've decided to plan your entire wedding, hire a professional planner to coordinator your day. It will be well worth it. Listen… for event management only, the planner will come into your life weeks or even months before your wedding day, gather all of the wedding details you share with them, and organize your day to keep people away from you. That is priceless!

So, I told you this wouldn’t be in any of the wedding magazines you purchased or thumbed through. They are definitely worth doing. If you don’t do all of them, at least do the first two…and send us some pics. We love being a part of the party!

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


(photo credit: Demarcus Bowser Photography http://www.demarcusbowser.com/ )

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