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No is not a bad word...

When you become engaged, the initial thought is that you get to plan every single thought that has crossed your mind regarding your wedding day. There are some instances where couples have to give a little to get a little. In other words, if you have to depend on others to share in the financial responsibilities of the wedding, namely parents, you may have to adhere to a few of their requests…which are hopefully within reason. However, that is where we suggest you draw the line. Everybody cannot and should not have their way with your day.

In order for your wedding to be your own, we advise you to get really familiar with the word no. If you think of it in the way of your saying no to certain things allows you to say yes to others, it may not be too hard for you. We have even taken the liberty of talking a little about a few areas where this should be used frequently. Using your “no” in these areas will absolutely help in the planning process.

Saying no to increasing the guest lists is saying yes to a controlled financial commitment

It is a fact that the larger your guest list, the more your wedding will cost. You have to provide for each guest a meal, beverages, a cake large enough for them to get a slice, an invitation for everyone with a stamp (because stamps add to the bottom line), a wedding program, a seat at the reception, a charger plate, a napkin, utensils…I can keep going, but I feel like you get the picture. You plus everyone else in the room add up. Just adding one additional person, who can easily turn into five, which can turn into eight, can turn into hundreds of dollars. But saying no to adding guests here or there, gives you the chance to maintain the budget you set out to spend for your wedding.

Saying no to favors in exchange for vendor services (and helping them get the “experience”) is saying yes to less in the deliverance of the wedding day you want

I heard someone I admire say managing a wedding is like keeping a three-ring circus in tact with grace. Because any part of the day can go awry at any moment, you want someone who is familiar with what to expect so they can easily adjust. No two weddings are alike, so the more experience a vendor has the more prepared they are for your wedding day. I wouldn’t trust anyone who wants to trade services for experience with my wedding. If someone wants to do you a favor and they can do it for a party that isn’t as grand as your wedding day.

Saying no to standard table linen is saying yes to the expansion of your color palette

Okay, so this one may be personal, but allow us to explain. Most venues have basic linen and they have it because they are offered most often for corporate events. Have you ever been to a corporate event? While they are mostly nice events, they are not weddings. They are not personal or personality driven. So while it may cut cost in the area of design to use standard linen provided by your venue, it gives little flexibility to the wow factor you may be anticipating when your guests enter into your ballroom for dinner. You may be surprised at what some of the simplest details can do.

Now, there you have. I believe we have given sufficient cause as to why no is not a bad word, especially as it relates to your wedding day. It’s your wedding. You should be able to have a day that fully represents you. Now, congratulations and happy planning!

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


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