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It’s My Party!!!...isn't it?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Are you wondering why you can't just do what you want while walking through the process of planning a celebration meant to honor you? Yes, it is your day. But there are a large number of other people you are involving when you decide to do a wedding, especially if you plan to do it on a large scale.

Hint: If you can’t do it at the house comfortably, it is considered large.

We want you to have the best day possible. To ensure that, there are a few housekeeping tips we would like to suggest regarding your wedding party.

If you don’t take care of your wedding day squad, there could be eyes-a-rolling and a huge lack of cooperation. People become incredibly emotional and entitled when it comes to weddings. They begin to think about the way they would do things if it were their day, or they feel some sense of relationship status when it comes to you and don’t know who these other individuals are standing next to you. And, yes! They should step back or be put in their place and recognize that this is your day. But instead of initially reading them their rights, why not start the entire process by being sure they understand how extra special they are to you and how much you appreciate them for being such a huge part of your day. Starting off with extra gooey-ness can set the tone for the entire experience. More flies with honey... right!

Forego purchasing different types of gifts for your attendants and just get them all the same special item. You can add special touches by having the item(s) personalized with their names. Everyone will have a different position and place in your heart, but having them parade it in front of one another may cause unwanted and unintended tension for the most important day of your life. Consistency is best!

Wedding days are much longer for the wedding party than the guests. You may not feel like eating because you will be on an emotional high (though we make sure all of our brides eat a couple of times on wedding day), but your attendants will notice their stomachs grumbling. Feed your wedding party, preferably before the wedding starts. A light lunch has never hurt anyone…that we know of.

There is a way to be sure that those you have asked to stand in agreement with you on the most special day of your life are happy and excited to simply be with you. These are just a few suggestions, however, you know your people way better than we do. You can probably come up with a few more ideas that would get you closer to their hearts, and guarantee a very happy wedding day crew for you.

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


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