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How to Take the Headache Out of "Budget Talk" for Your Wedding

Ready for the best budget conscious tips you will ever get? Of course you are! If you follow these initial steps, you cannot go wrong when you begin to start working on the financial portion of your wedding. This is where it all begins...

So here we go…

#1 Be completely honest about what you can afford. Ever been guilty of your eyes being bigger than your stomach? Well, I certainly have! Starting to plan your wedding before setting a budget is kind of the same thing. Your budget tells you what you can actually do for your day. Weddings can be expensive and you have to have a comfortable life together after your wedding day is over. Sit down and decide how much you can afford. You can even set a financial goal before deciding on a wedding date. You could possibly get everything on your wish list if you plan it out financially based on information only you and your soon to be know. These are things to consider when it comes to money. Food for thought!

#2 Be mindful of how much planning you do for your wedding or special event with magazines and Pinterest. I know you see all the dreamy goodies and they appear to be at your reach. But then when you find out the who, what, why, and how much, you might find yourself squinting to recognize them. Fantasizing about those ideas could lead to heartbreak, especially if you hadn’t determined a budget yet. So, think really hard about what things are most important to you and make those items your top priority. That way, those things don’t get lost in the whirlwind of all that is wedding.

#3 Don’t skimp on the most important aspects of the day! Feed your guests, entertain your guests, and get plenty of pictures. In other words, listen to your caterer, invest in a wedding planner to help hash out the layout and details for the best experience, and hire a professional photographer.

BONUS: Everybody cannot come to your wedding…unless budgets are not that important to you. But if budgets matter, and if you hadn’t spoken with that person (relative or not) in over 2 years…they may not need an invitation to your wedding.

So, knowing what you can afford, refusing to fantasize over what you don’t truly deem necessity, and being sure to invest in what is truly important are the best budget tips ever. Once you have aligned yourself with these ideas and agenda items, everything else will simply fall into place.

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


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