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His Day His Way

Most guys aren’t really into weddings. The first and most repeated statement from the groom is usually “this is your day.” Well, we don’t completely agree. However, majority of the details related to wedding planning are not things most men concern themselves with…ever. But we want them to be involved nonetheless. Dragging him around from store to store, making him sit in meeting after meeting, or just non-stop talk over breakfast, lunch, and dinner about nothing but weddings, can be a bit much for your fella. But we have a pretty neat suggestion for you. One of the sweetest gestures you could ever offer to your guy would be to create a day (or two) throughout the planning process where you make it all about him. Great idea, right! Give him his very own special day. You can even name it after him. We have 5 suggestions on how you can make it all about him.

1. Send him to the spa.

Most men don’t quite know how to relax, especially if they are financially responsible for their wedding. If you send him to a place where he can sit and soak all of his cares away for 30 minutes to an hour, he will be able to listen even longer to you as you explain the differences between pinks, fuchsias, and purples.

2. Spoil him with male grooming

So, let’s just say that the first option is just too much for your guy. He is not going to completely cooperate with a soak at a spa. Picture his smile after receiving a nice haircut, a simple facial, a nice clean shave, and maybe a simple mani-pedi, all scheduled at his favorite place by his favorite girl. You know he isn’t going to do all of that for himself. If you schedule it and surprise him with it as a gift, and later take him out as arm candy, it will make his day.

3. Plan a guys’ night

Call 3 to 4 of his closest friends, purchase all of his favorite game day goodies, some cards, and dominoes, and leave him alone. Wedding talk is not the guys’ thing. Imagine if you were thrust-ed into the world of sports, home repair projects, or even mechanics, and you couldn’t say “nope, not interested.” Well, that’s what he is dealing with now that he is having a wedding. Give him a break and disappear. He still loves you, and will love you even more after you pull this shindig off.

4. Take him on a shopping spree

Standing in the middle of a store watching him try on 15 of his favorite ball caps (to purchase 1 or 2, of course) or creating a "home depot run... just because" can go a very long way. Your guy may not say it much, but he could spend hours walking up and down the aisles of a store centered around what we women don’t understand. If you take the keys, tell him to hop in the passenger’s seat, and drive him to this place of wonder without alerting him of what your plans are, you will hold the award for “Best Gift Ever!” He will bring this up for years to come... watch!

5. K.I.S.S. (keep it simple & sweet)

Cook his favorite meal! If you can't cook, then this one is definitely worth attempting (with guidance and help). He will love that you went the extra mile, that you made it all about him, and that you gave him a night off from wedding talk...which means you can't talk wedding talk!

We can almost guarantee that if you make it about him a couple of times throughout the planning process, that he will do his best to make your day as beautiful as you will be.

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning


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