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General Wedding Timeline Entanglement

We would never suggest that you go at planning your wedding without hiring a professional wedding planner, let alone creating your own wedding day timeline. However, we understand that sometimes there may be specific circumstances that just won’t allow you to bring a wedding planner on board. We want to share with you a few areas you want to plan properly for when beginning to map out your timeline for your wedding day.

When planning your wedding you generally think about all of the areas you have to focus on executing that would be considered the main events of the day. These would consist of areas such as the ceremony, the reception, the pre-ceremony photos, the first dance, and the cake cutting, just to name a few. These are the primary focus of the timeline, but what you may not think about are the areas where time can easily get away from you if you aren’t careful. In this post, we want to share with you a few areas we see all too often where enough time isn’t given.

not allotting enough time for hair and makeup

Your hairstylist and makeup artist will advise you of how long it will take to do their jobs, per person. You will need to trust what they are saying, as this is their area of expertise. The more people you have, the longer it will take so you may have to start the day pretty early. Do the math, run it by your glam squad, and advise your bridal party of what they need to be prepared for.

post ceremony photos

Whether clients decide to do a first look or not with just the bride and groom, we ALWAYS advise our clients to take time before the ceremony to do as many wedding photos as possible. The reason this is so strongly suggested is because wedding photos take time. It’s basically the wrangling of all of your wedding party, with an attempt to capture as many fab photos as possible. Just like the wedding photos take time, so do the family photos. The amount of time could also differ depending on the size of the family. The larger the family, the more time needed. Be sure you speak with your photographer and make them aware of your family size to allow them to give you the best suggestions for the session.

not having a cocktail hour

We have witnessed our fair share of weddings as both guests and facilitators. We have to admit that one of the things that stood out to us as a misuse of time is the lack of a cocktail hour. A cocktail hour does so many things for your wedding. It gives you an opportunity to occupy the attention of the guests with mingling, hor d’oeuvres, and beverages, while you take those post ceremony family photos. It gives you a bit of a break and an opportunity to settle into the fact that you just got married. It allows your vendors the time needed to reset and prepare for the party of a lifetime. Not having a cocktail hour could cause impatient guests and a late start to your wedding reception. Being sure you incorporate a cocktail hour is something you want to give some major thought. It helps.

These three areas are where we have seen the biggest issues with time on wedding days. Again, if you have to go at creating your timeline alone, be sure to take all of these tips into account. We promise you will not be sorry.

Until next time…

be sweet & happy planning!


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