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Etiquette 101: Saying "Thank You!"

Have you ever given someone a piece of candy or passed a napkin and they didn’t immediately say “thank you”? What was the very first thought that crossed your mind? Be honest! It went something along the lines of “they didn’t say thank you.” From there you either shrugged it off or held a grudge. Hopefully it wasn’t the latter. The point is that you were expecting acknowledgement of your actions. Now the examples given are small, but imagine time and thought poured into a gesture, such as a gift, or even your attendance to a special occasion. How would it make you feel to receive a thank you from the person/people honored? Don’t you want your guests to feel that way. This is why “thank you” notes are so extremely important.

Today, we want to chat about making sure those who took time to celebrate with you know how appreciative you both are that they did so. We have list below 3 things you should be sure to do.

Respond timely.

We always suggest sending thank you notes within 2 weeks to a month after the wedding. We even suggest it be your very first married couple tasks. If you think about what you will send out ahead of time, you will have concurred half the battle. The best idea would be to include your thank you notes in your stationery suite. You want your guests to feel special, and receiving a thank you note so soon after your wedding would do just that!

Personalize the note.

Not only do you want to send a hand-written thank you note, you also want to make mention of the actual gift that guest gave you. If you have ever received anything from anyone that was typed or very general in wording, then you know how it felt to assume they simply printed something generic and put it in the mail. Those special touches can go a long way. Take the time to write out each note personally and be intentional.

Share the load.

Again, this is suggested as a task that you complete together. It creates a fond memory to look back on and allows for the both of you to be connected to the process.

So remember that etiquette dictates that you say simply thank you. How you do it is completely up to you.

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


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