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The Importance of Escort Cards, Place Cards, and The Seating Chart

There is sometimes a little confusion between what certain things are as it relates to the details of wedding planning. One of the most confusing at times can be the difference, and even the use and importance of the escort card and the place card. We wanted to take the time to explain what these two things are, why they exist, and what a seating chart has to do with anything.

So while we know these sound like added costs to your wedding, they all have some level of importance. The greater your guest count, the more direction your guests may need. Allow us to explain a bit more about what these items are before you assume none of them relate to your wedding day.

An escort card is usually setup at the cocktail hour just outside of the area of the wedding reception. It can be displayed on a beautifully decorated table in the most creative ways. It shows the name of the wedding guests and a number. The number correlates with an assigned table inside of the space of the reception. The guests are basically to find that table, as this is where the guests have been placed for the remainder of the event (besides the dance floor, 😉).

The place card is located at each place setting on each table. Once the wedding guests find their table, they will then locate which seat belongs to them at that specific table. If you have selected a specific meal, such as one created for a person with a peanut allergy, you will probably appreciate this option the most.

An addition to the mix of these would be a seating chart. Most couples enlist the help of a calligrapher to produce a beautiful visual aid in assisting guests to locate their assigned seats. This option would basically take the place of the escort card table and can be equally as pleasant of an aesthetic to the details of your wedding day.

You may ask yourself why escort cards, place cards, and seating charts even exists. This isn’t something that will need to be at every wedding, so be sure this is necessary for you. The reason for these options is to provide direction to the wedding guests. If you have plated or formal dinners planned, and if your guests had to make specific menu options on their response cards, then you want to be sure your wedding reception operates as a well-oiled machine. The best, and really the only way, to do this is to have assigned seating. This way guests will know where to sit when the time comes. You’ll thank us later.

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