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If you don’t want your engagement session, I’ll take it…

3 reasons why an engagement session is a true necessity.

An engagement session is basically a photo session for you and your fiancé scheduled usually with your wedding day photographer. It is used when couples want a way to announce their engagement to the world that showcases their love, their style, and their personalities. It is sometimes included in the package you select with your wedding day photographer and can serve as the gift that keeps on giving throughout your entire wedding planning journey.

So, why should you be interested in an engagement session? We have three really good reasons we are super anxious to share with you.

Our number one reason as it relates to the importance of an engagement session is that it will allow you to get to know your wedding day photographer and for your wedding day photographer to get to know you. Most photographers who really love their job don’t want to show up to your wedding without knowing a little bit about how you interact with one another as a couple. They want to see how you laugh together, what you laugh at, and even how you look at or touch one another. All of those little quirks and reactions to each other may not appear to be anyone else’s concern, but those are the things that most photographers look to capture on your wedding day. An engagement session allows them to be even more familiar with the two of you and they will inertly know what to expect. You getting the opportunity to see what they can capture of you before your wedding will only give you the confidence in knowing you will get the very best memories from your wedding day.

Our number two reason is that there is an enormous amount of use that those beautiful photos will serve. We have seen the results of engagement sessions provide a creative path to save the dates, wedding favors, and even a huge photo at the ceremony to greet your wedding guests. You can create an engagement party game such as a puzzle or playing cards, or your favorite photo can become your first portrait for your home as a newly married couple.

Our number three reason, and perhaps the simplest of all three is just that it’s fun. Once you become engaged, all you will want to do is smile and show off that ring. You will be so in love and your thoughts will be racing and all over the place. What better way for capturing all of that grinning and excitement than to have an engagement session. It isn’t a bad idea to showcase your love, and coupled with some really fun things about your style and the things you like to do as a couple, is all the entertainment your audience will need to tag along for the ride of preparations towards your big day.

Now that we have shared the importance of your engagement session, call your wedding day photographer and get your session scheduled. Oh, and send us some of your favorite pictures of the day. We are suckers for a good love story.

Until next time…

be sweet & happy planning!


(photo credit: Elizabeth Hoard Photography and Antoine Lever)

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