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the WHAT, WHY, and WHO of an Engagement Party

An engagement party is not just another reason to host an event, though get-togethers are a little addictive when you have great family and friends, and you love to entertain. An engagement party is an opportunity to gather a handful of your’s and your soon-to-be’s closest family and friends, most often for the first time. The engagement party is usually hosted by the parents of the bride and is done as a way for the couple to announce formally to everyone that they are getting married.

An engagement party is not a mandatory social event, but can be ideal for couples who have family and friends who may live in various parts of the country or state. It can be as formal or informal as the hosts would like, and can be displayed in whatever type of celebratory format desired. There truly is no standard of party type, and the layout of the event will basically be specific to the interests of all involved in the planning of the event. An engagement party, however, is usually very small and intimate.

Everyone usually invited to the engagement party is also invited to the wedding, as these would be persons who are of close relationship to the couple. Often it is immediate family and close friends, but can be diverse based on relationships and preferences. Whatever you decide to do, be careful in who you invite because if you have no intention of these same people being at the wedding it could be in distaste for them to be at the engagement party.

Whichever direction you decide to go, be sure it is fully representative of you and what you want. If it isn’t, you could find yourself wanting a do over. Then again, this could be great for the party fanatic. Go ahead and plan a few parties to announce to the world you are about to be swept away by the love of your life. #YOLO, right!

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