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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

We are often so focused on the planning of this most beautiful day... where you will walk down the aisle in the dress to put all other dresses from your past to shame, to the beautiful wonder who has seen all of your flaws and still loves you on a level where you could not imagine any human being loving you... that we sometimes forget that there is actual excitement surrounding the fun of being engaged.

We know to be geared up for the usual or highly anticipated events, such as the bridal shower and bachelor or bachelorette party. But there are some activities that exist that we sometimes ignore. We want you to be sure you indulge in all that your engagement has to offer. So why not wallow in the madness of all things engagement? If you look at each of the following occasions as it's own little adventure on the road to marital bliss, then your wedding day will be the grand finale to an epic ride.

Now let's take a look at a few of the engagement geared opportunities you may want to delight in:

The Engagement Party

Not everyone knows this, but an engagement party is an opportunity to gather all of your's and your soon-to-be's closest family and friends, most often for the first time. The engagement party is usually hosted by the parents of the bride, and can be the perfect opportunity to test a few ideas that you may have come up with the moment you began to think of all the different things you wanted to be a part of your wedding day. Try out the pastry chef you heard makes amazing wedding cakes by ordering their signature cake pops or cupcakes. Order hor d'ouerves from the caterer you have been stalking on Instagram. You can even play around with your favorite drinks to see how well they mesh together for the making of your signature cocktails for your wedding day cocktail hour. You will want to take full advantage of the opportunity you have of trial and error before you arrive at your big day. Why not try these things out on people you know and trust?

An Engagement Photo Session

So there can be an entire experience dedicated to engagement photo sessions. You aren't just showing up and posing for the camera. You should take this time to allow your personalities to show through your photographer's lens. You can create and introduce the color scheme and even the theme of your wedding to your guests by being creative with where and how you take your photos. You can tell your love story, do multiple wardrobe changes, use personalized props...I mean the list is endless. Just be sure you indulge in the moment as engagement fun!

A Bridal Luncheon

So, let's take a moment to think about something. Calculate the cost of your hair and nails alone and see how comfortable you would be if what you were paying for wasn't exactly your taste. Now, if the ladies you have presented with the honor of standing as a witness to you pledging your love on this most precious occasion have purchased a dress, shoes, and the whole nine, they deserve a bridal luncheon. This is different from a bachelorette party or bridal shower, as this is your opportunity to say to your girls, who wouldn't usually wear a certain dress or hairstyle, but did it all for you, "thank you!"

These are simply suggestions and are in no way are mandatory events, but they are associated with being engaged. You will only be engaged until the moment you say "I do." Enjoy it.

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


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