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Easily forgotten, but absolutely important

A few important items to remember for your wedding

There are some items that will need to be the responsibility of someone else for your wedding day. The closer you get to your wedding day, the more things you will have to try and remember to do. It is best to try and gather these items as much in advance as possible. As when not gathered in a timely manner, they are so very easily forgotten but are of great importance. Take a look at a few of these things listed below:

Cake topper, cake knife, cake server, and toasting glasses

We are always thankful for the pastry chefs we work with who request the couple’s cake table items so they can bring them with the cake delivery. When we aren’t working with a vendor who requests these items, we request them ourselves. We have to receive them by a certain or else you are on your own. Now, would you believe that some clients still end up without their cake table items? They are the most easily forgotten item to remember for your wedding day. The best thing to do is ask your planner or pastry chef if this is something they can handle and get these items to them by their deadline. Remembering something as small as cake topper, cake knife, cake server, and toasting glasses on the morning of your wedding just isn’t going to happen.

Guest book pen

This is a thorn in our side. Thinking as visual people we know that this, after the invitation, is one of the first things your guest will see. If the pen is a Papermate or Bic from the package at Walgreens or Walmart, there is a guarantee that it doesn’t match your guestbook. Take care of packing the pen away with the book as early as you can. If the pen is packed with the book, and you remember to give your planner or wedding designer the book, you win!

Marriage License

Your marriage license must be signed by your officiant for you to be officially married. Imagine you getting married and being whisked away to the airport after your reception to catch a flight to your honeymoon destination. No stops in between and no re-routing. If you forget your marriage license and can’t get it to the officiant until you return, are you really married? How awful would it be to pay all of that money for this magical and beautiful day, only to not yet have it official. Be sure you don’t forget the marriage license.

Here's a bonus for you:

Pause…breathe…observe & repeat

If you don’t take the time to enjoy the view, any view at any given moment on your wedding day, you will miss it. You will still be married, assuming you remember to get the marriage license, but you won’t be able to tell anybody anything that took place. Stop when you can throughout the day to take it all in. Simply pause, breathe, observe, and repeat as much as timeline appropriately possible. They can’t do anything without you anyway, it is your wedding. Just don’t go overboard…

Have a great wedding love and send us some pictures!

Until next time…

be sweet & happy planning!


(photo credit: Demarcus Bowser Photography)

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