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Decisions! Decisions! Bridesmaids & Groomsmen?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

The members of your wedding party should be your go to people. When you look over to your best girls and you're feeling that sweet and heartwarming swell of oncoming waterworks, they should be able to sense it so they help you keep your freshly beat face intact. Your fellas should be able to make you laugh if they happen to notice you are having a bit of a rough or nervous morning. It is your wedding day and you are going to be emotional. Having someone by your side who can share in a laugh, or even a cry, makes a whole lot of a difference. If you are choosing people who won't be able to pull these seemingly simple tasks off, you may want to think again.

Here is what we think you should do when choosing the members of your wedding party:

1. Decide together

I can't tell you how many times we have heard this old age scenario:

"I wanted all of my sisters to be my bridesmaids, but he has sisters and wanted them to be bridesmaids too, and now I have 15 bridesmaids total." Well, maybe not that exact scenario, but you get where I am going with this. One of the reasons couples get stuck with the number of people involved is because it wasn't discussed before roles were handed out. If you sit down together and talk out what you want for your wedding day, before involving anyone else, there will be no surprise additional attendees in your wedding day future.

2. Don't choose out of obligation

Listen, I know we all have that one person who we should include in our wedding party, but have grown distant with over the years. Well, if you choose them out of obligation and not relationship, they have no true reason to look out for your best interest and it could drive an even bigger wedge between the two of you. You should choose those who are closest to you. Those persons you have a stronger relationship with will be there for you during those stressful moments. They will know you well enough to know what to do to make you laugh, and they will take better care of you than anyone who is unsure of where they stand with you.

3. Be honest

It is your wedding. You have to tell your wedding party what you expect from them and not allow them to dictate the happenings of your day. Leave nothing to be assumed and advise of expectations every step of the way. If you aren't 100% sure of what you will need to have done, search the internet for traditional roles and responsibilities. If the persons you are thinking of asking to be a part of your day aren't going to be able to abide by the rules you have set, you shouldn't ask them to be a part of your wedding party. They are there to assist you and stand with you during this entire process (which is why #2 is so critical). Be honest with yourself about who they are. Again, it is your wedding.

So we suggest you take into account everything we have shared here. Choose carefully when selecting the members of your wedding party. It's true that wedding planning can be a challenge and you want a great support system in place.

Until next time...

be sweet and happy planning!


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