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Day of Coordination Does Not Exist

We know that when most people hear the title “day of coordination” that they are thinking someone is going to simply show up on their wedding day to be sure things run smoothly. Some may even think about the coordinator attending the wedding rehearsal and feeling as though this is all that there is to it. Well...

... if you hire someone to show up to your wedding the day before, or even the day of your wedding, you can anticipate a possible disaster. There is no one person capable of showing up to your wedding without being familiar with your location, the vendors you have hired, and the expectations you have set forth for your wedding and doing the job you want without flaw. It just doesn’t happen that way. And if you hire someone who tells you they can do just that, you should run.

Every single wedding is different because every single person is different. We expect different things to take place at every single minute of the day. We expect different treatment from people at any and every encounter. So why would you expect someone to show up to your wedding to treat it like every other wedding they have ever worked, or to facilitate a wedding day for you that should be treated unlike any other day for anyone else in the world.

Wedding or event management is what you want instead of day of coordinator. If you are planning your entire wedding, pass this great deal of information and your expectations off to someone that you can have the confidence in to handle the day, so that you can enjoy being the bride and the groom. In order for this to happen, this person would need to start the process long before the day before or the day of your wedding. You want them to be fully knowledgeable of the what you have planned. You want them to be familiar with, and to have communicated with everyone you have hired. You yourself want to know them and want them to be able to understand what you need from them. The only way to be sure this will take place is to understand that “day of” starts before your wedding day.

We hope this was informative and that we shared something that will help you in your planning process.

Until next time…

be sweet & happy planning!


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