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Behind the Scenes: Aisle Be Loving Bryant

Updated: May 21, 2020


When we first met our bride Jessica, her sister Brittany, and her mom Ms. Sally, we knew the wedding day for this family would be nothing short of amazing, and that it would be filled with an enormous amount of love, happiness, and laughter. Once we met Billy, we realized then that the laughter would be at the center of his presence. A guy with a sense of humor together with a girl who has a heart of gold is the exact recipe for a marriage made in heaven.

The statement of "when you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work" is exactly what this was for us. There was always a special type of excitement surrounding the meetings and consultations that took place for the upcoming nuptials of these two. So how did we get from beginning to end with such a beautiful couple? We don't want to discuss the parts no one is expecting, such as wardrobe malfunctions. Those are often typical for bridesmaids, but we also encountered what we have coined the "cuff-link fiasco" just before the pre-ceremony photo session. Nope, we want to talk about some of the details we planned that gave us more happiness than we were ready for. Allow us to walk you down the aisle of "Loving the Bryants!"

The Ceremony

Jessica knew she wanted to get married underneath a round canopy with all of their family and friends surrounding them, calling this the circle of love. We thought that circular seating with 4 aisles would be perfect, and when we presented the idea to them, they were all in. Once we spoke with the facility manager, there was a bit of hesitation as it had never been done at the location. To ensure this was a possibility, as it was something that we had all fallen in love with, we asked if we could set it up. We, along with the facility manager, were able to map it out, complete a mock layout of the space, and bring to life a dream of our bride and groom that had become a must for their wedding day.

The First Look

This is a true covert op! Getting the bride and groom to that special moment and being sure it is captured in the right way is all about timing. But even with that, a first look is a whole lot of fun! We love it most when a first look goes our way...meaning, someone sheds a tear or two. We were all ready and excited for Billy to see his blushing bride, because we knew how gorgeous she was. Also, we couldn't wait to see how silly Billy would act. We were all very ready to be entertained. We brought Billy into the ceremony space under the canopy and brought Jessica in behind him. His reactions was much more than we all anticipated. He cried. ...and then we cried (just myself and our teammate Stephanie, not Darius).

But this moment, for the guys and girls who think that a first look will take away from the magic of the bride's entrance down the aisle, did not disappoint.

The Room Reveal

When the discussion of design came about, Ms. Sally knew two very important things: she wanted flowers on every table and for Jessica to have whatever her heart desired. Their wedding colors were red, blush, black, rose gold, and ivory. Because Jessica is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., she knew she wanted pearls to be included, but not exactly where or how. We developed a design and crafted the perfect place for them. We took the time to intricately attach plush roses to string pearls, and to suspend each one separately around the top of her round canopy, which was covered in the most beautiful blush draping, and accented with blush sequin. Their guest tables were adorned with either a tall 3 foot round centerpieces or a short 12 inch square centerpieces of the prettiest hydrangeas and roses, and the flush of flicker from candlelight all around. The round canopy was not only the place for the ceremony, but it served as the awning of their sweetheart table. Roses petals were gathered at the base of the sweetheart table, which was covered in a blush sequin linen, and drenched in flowers and candles. Jessica and Billy's reaction was everything we wanted and more.

Now that we have taken you on a journey of beauty and adoration, we want you to indulge even more in the celebration of these two. Their wedding was featured by Munaluchi Bride and it was so exciting for them, for us, and all of the wonderful vendors involved. Here is the link so you can share in the excitement!

We hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes post.

photo credit: A. Lever Studio & Simone Elise Events

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


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