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All the things you need to know about where your wedding flowers should go…

We know that approaching the planning of a wedding could be viewed as an overwhelming task. There are indeed a huge number of areas to pay close attention to, and in each area an insane number of details to decide on. We wanted to try and do you a favor in this blogpost. We want to provide somewhat of a resource for you to use as you plan out the look and feel for your wedding day. We are sharing with you all of the places you might want to decide on embellishing with an eye-catching floral element.

Whether you are into flowers or not, the areas we are about to share are the usual areas we like to display design, because details will always matter.

So here we go…

Bride’s bouquet

A bride’s bouquet is the accessory to her bridal gown. It should compliment the bride in every single way possible, and it should be representative of her personality.

Toss bouquet

If you aren’t going to want to separate from your custom-made bridal bouquet, you are definitely going to need a toss bouquet for all the single ladies.

Bridesmaids’ bouquets

Your bridesmaids will need bouquets to compliment their attire, which will also serve as a way to further compliment the bride.

Mother and Grandmothers’ corsages

A corsage helps others to identify who the mothers’ and grandmothers’ of the couple are. Everyone in attendance won’t necessarily know your mother, however, the use of this area for flowers, though extremely special and sentimental, is optional.

Groom’s boutonniere

Just as the bride has an accessory to compliment her attire, so should the groom. It can be, and is most usually, a floral adornment, but there are other options.

Boutonnieres for all men in processional

Any of the men in the processional, which include the groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers, ring bearer, and in some cases, the officiant, will need a boutonniere. It is an honor to be a part of your wedding, and a boutonniere makes the men a little more easily recognizable. Also, they probably wouldn’t admit it, but it makes them feel special as well.

Flower girl

From the flower girl basket, to the petals thrown down the aisle, to the cutest of flower crowns…we think it is safe to say flowers are a mandatory part of this area. For goodness sake, it’s in the little one’s title.

Guest Book Table

This is one of the first areas your guests will see. You want them to be greeted with a beautiful focal point.

Ceremony entrance

This is the entrance to the area in which your ceremony will take place. Think of it as the prelude to your nuptials. This is what will greet your guests before they go into the space where you will say “I do!”

Aisle décor

You can further embellish your ceremony space with adding florals to the aisle. If nothing else, it adds to the magic of your bridal entrance.

Ceremony altar

The altar is the place where you will take your vows. All eyes will be on you here, so it needs to be fully representative of your love story, and really, really beautiful.

Flowers for loved ones

A simple way to honor loved ones who are no longer with you can be with flowers. A single stem or an arrangement on a table with photos are both beautiful and extremely sentimental. Whatever you decide to use to pay tribute to your loved one, you cannot deny that flowers help.

Escort table / Seating chart

This is an area that was meant specifically for the guests. They have to pay detailed attention because this gives them the direction in which they are to proceed. Something beautiful to stand around while figuring out their next steps is only right.

Reception entrance

Just like the information shared for the ceremony entrance, the entrance to the reception is no different. It is the prelude to the party. It will set the tone to the grand event that is to take place as your reception.

Reception food tables

You don’t want your food tables to be the only area without some type of attention. Adding some floral details to the food table ensures the continuity throughout the entire wedding.

Guests Table centerpieces

Details on the guest table is a necessity. It is a beautiful welcome along with all of the other details provided that comes straight from you.

The Sweetheart Table

Just like the altar for the ceremony, all eyes will be on you during the reception as well. You definitely want to bring full circle all of the details you have shared with your guests. Your sweetheart table should the final bough at introducing people to who you are as a couple…other than what you plan to leave on the dance floor.

Bar & dessert stations

The bar and dessert stations are just like the food tables. You want to be sure you have continuity throughout your entire wedding. Placing a small arrangement in these areas will do just that.


This is an area that surely not mandatory, but your guest will definitely notice the effort and consideration taken for them and attention to detail.

Getaway car

This is an area that has been long celebrated. This is the time the newly married couple drives off into wedded bliss as all of their family and friends cheer in excitement. It’s a focal point. And do you remember what we said about focal points. All eyes will be on you if you are using this area and moment as a grand exit. The florals are optional, but they would look amazing!

We could keep going, but we are pretty sure you have now grasped the idea that you can do whatever you please when it comes to the areas you use place your wedding flowers. We hope we have given you a useful tool in the details we have shared. We are just an email away if you have any questions.

Now go have yourself a very happy planning experience.

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


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