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Why You Should Have Both a Photographer and a Videographer

We often hear couples say, “if we have a photographer, we don’t need a videographer.” We then make sure as soon as they make that statement, we advise of the difference between the two and the benefits of having both. Here we try and have that conversation with you to be sure we do our part in sending you out into the wedding planning world well informed of your options.

A wedding photographer is hired to capture your wedding day, most times from you getting ready to you leaving as a newly married couple. They focus in on all the details and ceremonial specifics and are most of the time ready to capture all the laughter and excitement anticipated throughout the entire event. A wedding videographer is hired to capture your wedding as well, in the same way most times as the photographer. The difference is a photographer will deliver to you a still shot of that moment, while the videographer delivers the moment in motion. Now, of course, the videographer isn’t filming a reality show, so they aren’t going film every single second of the day. They will, however, get enough to allow you to relive the most important moments of the day. Most even produce what is called a wedding highlight film, which will encapsulate the best parts of the entire day in a shortened timeframe.

The decision you must make is what you want to see from your wedding day afterwards. Both the photos and the video will last a lifetime, so you can have it to look back on for years and years to come. This will help you determine how much of any service you will need to inquire about. Once you are aware of the services available based on what you want, you will then be able to decide on how you want to proceed. Neither of these services are mandatory, but we want you to be fully aware of your options.

We hope we shared something that helps you decide what will be best for you.

Until next time…

be sweet & happy planning!


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