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The Magic of a First Look

There is something about hearing the words “first look” that automatically sends couples into shutdown mode. It only happens that way because of tradition. But do you know this specific tradition was not started because of a magical moment of the groom seeing the bride in her dreamy nuptial attire for the first time as she proceeded down the aisle to become his wife, but due to arranged marriages. Yes, the groom was not permitted to see his bride because of a transaction between two families. There is no romance in that at all. Though this tradition has evolved over time, the origin of it does not give me warm and fuzzies. Now, if we could just have a minute of your time to explain the pros and the cons of the option of a first look, we won’t bother you for the rest of the day about it.

The first thing you should know about first looks and simply doing pre-ceremony photos is this…it saves an insane amount of time during the wedding day. We cannot tell you how many couples appreciate the option of a first look and find that you get way more of an abundance of photos when you take advantage of this option. Have you ever been to a wedding and the cocktail hour lasted longer than an hour? Most times, it is because there are specific photos needing to be captured in the ceremony space and before the reception. We attended a wedding once as guests, where the entire bridal party disappeared during the reception. As we were leaving, we realized they left the reception to take the remainder of their photos. We didn’t even get the opportunity to mingle with the wedding party or hug the bride and groom.

Another pro to doing a first look is an even better view of the magical moment. Listen, we have had the grooms that cry during the first look and then turn right around and cry during the bride’s entrance into the ceremony. We are here to tell you that one did not take away from the other. The opportunity to create the ambiance, uninterrupted, and it be all about the two of you is going to always be an agenda we push as wedding professionals. There aren’t many photographers who will disagree with us on this one.

Now that we have given you a couple of pros, it wouldn’t be fair to leave out the cons. But to be honest, we only have one con to this wonderful idea. It could go wrong if it is not properly planned for and thought out. You have to have a conversation with your wedding planner and your photographer to be sure you understand the timing expectations. If you plan to have a first look, but you don’t plan to be done with hair and makeup or to be dressed in enough time for the photos to be taken before the start of the ceremony, you could miss or jeopardize the opportunity. Have a well thought out plan and be sure you communicate those details to your vendors.

So you see, having a first look isn’t a horrible idea. It can actually be one of the best things you could plan for on your wedding day, besides your wedding night!

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(photo credit: Incredibly Wee Photography & Antoine Lever)

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