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7 Tugs at the Heart Strings (...these get me every time...)

Today we are sharing (just) 7 reasons Darius often looks at me with both shame and love during the planning process with the super amazing couples that trust us with their wedding days.

So here goes...

1. First Look

It does not matter if this happens down the aisle or during your pre-ceremony photo session, it is all I need to get the water works started. The excitement leading up to the moment, the amazement of seeing one another in all of your wedding day glory, and the subtle ganders throughout the day are some of the sweetest moments. Oh, and we have a secret for you...even if you do a first look during the pre-ceremony photo session, there is still amazement and awe (accompanied with tears) as the bride enters and walks down the aisle. There is just something undeniably intimate about watching a bride make her way to the altar.

2. The pretty stuff...you know, the details.

Lace, flowers, color combinations, tastings, talking out ideas and seeing them all come to life, shopping for everything you discovered you want and need for the big day...all of it is a part of the fascination with planning a wedding. To see your ideas manifest into something real and tangible is just beautiful.

3. The party

The celebration after I do is the real deal. The best wedding stories come from the receptions, and we can almost guarantee that most of the laughter from the day will come from there as well. You get to see so many people relax and get loose. The comedians in the bunch will not be out-shined by one another, and the love fest is always on ten. Oh, and believe it or not, with the right DJ, you can get almost anybody on the dance floor.

4. The reason for it all.

When you think about the significance of marriage and all that it stands for, you can't help but be overcome with emotion. Marriage is a true testament of love, faith, and friendship. It helps build families and legacies. It is so much more to marriage than the wedding day, though we love being smothered by all that comes with it. It is truly a beautiful adventure and one that is to be admired and cherished for a lifetime.

5. First Dance

When the guests have assembled themselves into the ballroom and the DJ begins to announce them for their first public appearance since being announced as Mr. and Mrs......and those doors open...boom!!! As you enter, your excitement causes those who have come to this amazing celebration to get excited and the stage is set for all of the magic to take place in the center of all of the bliss.

6. The love showered on the couple

Momentous occasions will always pull emotion from people. Weddings are no different. You find that people will go out of their way to put a smile on your face. Everyone has the free will to do for you what they want to do, except for those who have been paid to provide a service. I am always moved when our couples tell us about the amount of attention given or love shared "just because" when it comes to their wedding from people who love and care for them. Weddings are truly a joyous occasion.

7. The coming together of people

When you marry someone, you are taking in everyone that comes with them...their friends, their parents, everyone. Their siblings are your siblings...by law...but still. Sometimes that merging of two lives can prove to be difficult, but most often, even with the difficulty, the beauty of new relationships and the growth of family is beautiful. When you add in the fact that it is happening all for you, it becomes magical.

So these are the first things that come to mind when we begin to think about those things that tug away at the heart strings. We look forward to so many more wonderful adventures with our couples and we hope you have amazing adventures of your own with all of the life celebrations you continue to take part in as well.

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


(photo credit: Incredibly Wee Photography http://www.incrediblywee.com/ & SimoneElise Events https://www.simoneeliseevents.com/ )

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