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5 regrets you do not want to have from your wedding day

Updated: May 7

Your wedding day is going to go so fast and if you aren’t planning to do a few specific things, you will absolutely regret them. Oh, and don’t go into this day thinking you will be able to remember the things you simply don’t feel the need to plan for. We have already mentioned that it is going to be a fast-paced day. We suggest you take into consideration what we have listed and find a way to implement these things into your timeline.

So here we go.

You will regret…

5. not eating

We created an entire blog post about being sure you eat on your wedding day. That is just how important we feel it is. Your wedding day will be an extremely long day for you, and you cannot afford to wait until your reception to eat something. You will need your energy, if for nothing else, to carry you through the emotional roller coaster that every bride experience on wedding day. So be sure you take time before your big day to plan your meals. You don’t want to lose track of time and you don’t want to waste attention trying to figure out what you have a taste for on wedding day.

4. not taking it all in

There is no assuming of the fact that you want to be fully present and attentive to all that will be happening on your wedding day. But this for sure will be one of those “easier said than done” instances. We suggest that when you have those opportunities to just soak in what is happening around you and for you, that you do it. Don’t concern yourself with what is coming next. That’s what you hired your planner or your coordinator for. They won’t allow you to miss any of the big moments. Here are a few areas to prepare to focus on during your wedding day.

3. (…speaking of a wedding coordinator…) not hiring a wedding coordinator

If you have planned everything leading up to your wedding day, you should be able to relax and enjoy being a beautiful bride. You have put in the work of choosing the dream team you want to execute your wedding day wishes. Hiring someone to orchestrate the day should be considered a reward for all of your hard work. Besides, can you imagine trying to explain to someone in the ballroom that the cake is supposed to be on the other side of the room, while you are standing there fully clothed in all of your beautiful bridal attire and your soon-to-be is in the ceremony space with all of your guests waiting for you to walk down the aisle. That should not be your concern in that moment. Be sure you hire someone to run the day for you. Also, if you find that you need more than just someone to run the day, wedding planners are a God-send.

2. not paying ahead of time

We cannot tell you how awesome it feels to not have to talk about money on your wedding day, especially when you have been talking about how much things will cost for months. When you pay the last of your wedding vendors, it releases a great amount of stress. We know it does. Why wouldn’t it! We suggest that if at all possible, you avoid having to deal with paying any vendors on the day of your wedding. Even if their contract says a payment is due on your wedding day, we are sure that if you offer to pay in advance they will be just as happy to deliver. You do have a contract with them. They are still obligated to provide you with a service. The only reason you should be afraid is if it isn’t a reputable and professional business, which we would suggest you don’t deal with anyway.

…this brings us to our last tip

1. not hiring professional hair and makeup artists

You thought our number one tip was going to be about not hiring a planner, huh? Nope. We are timeline driven and we pride ourselves on the success of both the happiness of our couple and the execution of the wedding day timeline. Wedding days are long and sometimes super early. The start of your day will dictate how you keep schedule for the entire day. This is why it is so important to have professional hair and makeup artists. Allow me to elaborate. Things happen on wedding days that are unexpected. A bridesmaid could wake up with puffy eyes. The mom of the bride could have uncontrollable crying fits because she is just so happy for her baby girl. It could rain, which contrary to popular belief is not the death of a wedding day. But hair and rain don’t get along as well as we all want at times, so that could possibly create a challenge. Professional hair and makeup artists will know how to shift to make things work. They are already familiar with the layout of weddings and they show up equipped to work magic regardless of anything that happens to pop up. Only someone who has been in these instances will know how to handle wedding day hiccups. The wrong person, though unintentional, can throw your entire wedding day off. So be sure to hire a professional team to ensure you have a great start to a beautiful wedding day.

We want you to have an amazing experience, and feeling regret over some of the areas that could have the greatest hindrance on your wedding day won’t allow you to do that. We hope we have shared some things you will go back and start to plan for on today. Because not doing them could be the difference between happily ever after and wishing you had a do over.

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


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