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3 Ways to Say Thank You

Here are 3 suggestions on how you can make sure your guests feel appreciated.

Attending a wedding may not be as much work for a wedding guest as it is for any of the wedding party participants, the bride, or the groom, but it still takes a little bit of effort. You have to put together the perfect wedding outfit, purchase a gift, and get to the wedding venue before the wedding begins. Okay, so it isn’t that much work, but they could have spent their time, effort, and money anywhere else. Letting your wedding guests know that you appreciate them deciding to spend the day in celebration of you is for sure the right thing to do.

There are a few ways we suggest you handle showing your gratitude, and we have listed those suggestions below. Take a look!

A formal thank you

A formal thank you is a way to be sure you address as many guests as possible while everyone is still in the moment and in your presence. A perfect opportunity to address your wedding crowd would be while at the reception where they can hear sweet words from the both of you. It not only allows them to see how sincere you are, but gives you a chance to address everyone, as one.

Visit your guests’ tables

A visit to every table would be another way to say thank you. It could be tiresome, but doing this gesture takes your efforts to the next level and would surely let your guests know how appreciative you are for them being with you. To see you grace every table (or as many as possible) with your presence shows how much you care.

Handwritten thank you notes

The ultimate and most expected and recognized way of telling each and every guest who attended your wedding or provided a gift is a handwritten thank you note. This is actual etiquette and is to be done as early as a few days after the wedding, but no later than three months after the wedding. To delay any further than that would leave room for assumption of being forgotten. You don’t want to appear to be rude or ungrateful, so a great suggestion would be to take the thank you notes on your honeymoon or make time upon your return and before you begin your journey back into your work life.

At the end of the day, the strongest of thank you’s come straight from your heart. We feel you should do what is best and most comfortable for you as a couple. Just remember to say thank you, because no one is obligated to you except your new spouse.

Until next time…

be sweet & happy planning!


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