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3 things to avoid as a couple

Every couple will be faced with people who are going to give you advice as to what you should do while planning your wedding day. You can go ahead and add us to the list. However, we want to tell you about the areas we have witnessed from the other side of the aisle. We get to see the things couples wish they would have done differently and while thankfully none of our couples have had anything disastrous occurrences to take place, there are some instance we know of where couples have seen things differently past the point of return. So we want to offer you 3 things we think you should avoid as a couple when planning your wedding.

1. Decisions, Decisions

Don’t revisit decisions previously made together unless you are both in agreement that it needs to be reconsidered. If a decision was made as a couple, then one of you revisiting the decision or allowing outside influences to alter or change that which was previously discussed could cause unnecessary friction between the two of you. We want you anxious to get to the altar, and not anxious to just get the wedding over with.

2. Together we stand, period.

Form a unified front. Decide super early if possible, what you will say to friends and family who ask about the wedding before you have had the opportunity to determine the budget, number of guests, and who will be on the guest list. The simple truth is that everyone will not be able to be invited, and if you decide early on a uniformed response you can avoid an oops later.

3. What’s in your wallet?

Imagine yourself walking around in a completely dark room full of big bulky furniture with the expectation of true and unimaginative happiness. That is how it is when you plan a wedding without a budget. In fact, it might be worse if you have already started hiring wedding professionals without truly doing the work to see what your bottom-line will be for your wedding finances. Here are three simple steps, decide on which areas are most important, determine an attainable budget, and create a guest list. Each of these items should be done before you contact anybody. If you are unsure of what things could cost, be honest when contacting those vendors, they may be able to point you in the right direction if they can't help.

We hope we have shared some things that not only help you with the planning of your wedding, but that also help you as a couple. In the meantime, hire a planner. Planners are amazing sources of information and great at problem solving. Again, we have seen quite a bit from the other side of the aisle.

Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


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