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3 things no wedding couple wants to hear... but may need.

When it comes to planners needing to have those tough talks with our wedding couples, there are specific topics that come to mind first. It is never that the planner is trying to rain on the couple’s parade. One of the many jobs of a planner is to make sure clients are knowledgeable and aware of all options and possibilities. In this blog post, we are ripping the bandage off to give you a few examples of those hard to hear truths in the hopes that your planners job will be a little easier and that you will appreciate their attempts at working their magic a bit more for your exciting and memorable wedding day.

At the top of our list is:

“I am sorry, but I believe that may be out of your budget…”

There are times when we remember seeing something at a wedding we attended, we allowed a photo in a magazine to attach itself to our memories, or we have been frequenting Pinterest (which is a great tool, but would be even better if they could find a way to list price tags next to everything pretty). As a planner, we have to advise of the reality of such things. It is our job to educate the clients on potential costs for the items they are requesting, and if it does not fit within the budget given, to notify and offer alternatives. We suggest you start with your “must haves” and think about making things simple. If great food is more important than a band, focus on getting the bomb caterer and consider options for a fantastic DJ.

Next on the list is:

“We may need to include a rain plan…”

So no one who is planning for an outdoor ceremony wants to hear or even talk about a rain plan. The word rain itself is profane to a beautifully planned and decorated wedding ceremony. But if you do not at least have a plan B in your back pocket, you are going to be so unhappy, irritated, and disturbed on your wedding day if it happens to rain. Take the time to figure out what the alternative would be, set aside the funds for this possible expense, and give your planner the permission needed to execute the plan if it comes down to needing it. If you don’t need to use it, that would give you even more of a splurge to add to the honeymoon shopping spree (…just bring us back a keychain), and if you do need it you will be glad you listened and planned accordingly.

Last on the list is:

“each additional person contributes drastically to the bottom line of your budget...”

The number of people you invite to your wedding will determine the cost of your wedding. Every single person will cost something, and it will be up to you and your soon to be to determine how many people you will let partake in your day. Once you have determined what this number is, you will have to be sure you stick to it. Just adding one additional person, who can easily turn into five, which can turn into eight, can turn into hundreds of dollars. This person will need everything you have already calculated for all of the other people you previously listed on the guest list. Adding them may not seem like a big deal, and it may not be if you have already allotted for possible overflow. But if you haven’t, this will add to the bottom-line financially. So, think about it before you just simply agree to allow someone to join you on your wedding day. It could literally break the bank.

We hope we have shared some things you will think about before you move any further into your planning process.

Until next time…

be sweet & happy planning!


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