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10 things you should do on wedding day!

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Dear Sweet, Beautiful Bride-to-be,

In preparation for a day as major and sentimental as your wedding day, you want to be sure you are in a great position to fully engage and enjoy every minute of it. The planning process can often be remembered as a blur for most because it is full of moments of being swamped with an enormous amount of thoughts, agenda items, and major decisions that will affect the outcome of a day that you want to be nothing but perfect.

Planning a wedding is no small task, and we know this firsthand. But there are some things we strongly suggest for every bride to be sure they take time to do, not only during the planning process, but on their wedding day too!

Being sure these 10 things take place will allow you to enjoy your wedding day and to have an abundance of happy thoughts for years and years to come!

Here goes:

10. eat

Wedding days are long. From the perspective of a wedding as a guest, you can be in attendance of a wedding anywhere from 3 to 7 hours give or take a dance or two. For the wedding party, you factor in a bit of emotion with the arrival time for getting ready and taking photos before the first guest signs the guest book. But for you, this day starts as soon as you open your eyes. You are excited, emotional, rushed, slowed, and anything in between. You will need to eat to keep up with all of the work your body and mind are doing. Being sure you set aside time to eat a light breakfast and a light lunch will not only keep you from being grouchy, but will also provide a bit of nourishment on a very busy day. So please, eat.

9. laugh

Have you ever heard the phrase "laughter is the best medicine?" No. Well, have you ever paid attention to how you felt after you had a much needed laugh? Laughter is refreshing and releases pressure. This is also where being sure you have chosen the right people to be a part of your wedding party comes in to play. If your choice in persons to share in your day isn't going to be a great support system for you, and make sure you get a good chuckle or two in on wedding day, you really don't need them there. Just saying.

8. relax

Once you make it to your wedding day, you should be able to relax. Knowing you have done everything in your power to have a successful and meaningful wedding, and that all that matters is having the officiant and enough people (the minimum is 2) in place to witness your union should be enough on wedding day to allow you to sit back, relax, and allow the day to unfold as you wished. (*Note: This only works if you have done the work on the front end and not on wedding day...AND!!! If you get overwhelmed, just hired a planner!)

7. dance

So there is something about a first dance and all of the formalities of the newly married that is quite endearing at the beginning of the wedding reception. But there is also something to be said about how happy and excited we are when we dance. To feel something so freeing and fun with your closest family and friends is, especially on a day meant to celebrate, an absolute must. If for nothing else, just get out there so people can see your expensive dress (...joking, but not really!).

6. sing

Whether you can sing or not, you have been in the shower or the car and belted out a tune. If it was a good song to you, you had a good time singing it. If you plan to take the time to create a list of songs that you and your fiance are sure to enjoy on your wedding day, you should absolutely put something on there you wouldn't mind sharing those vocals on for wedding day. You don't have to get on the microphone to do this, just do it. Be in the moment. You can evenly purposely put a song on the list that you gets you every time. The point is to simply have fun. The person you are marrying knows what you sound like. They will either go straight into "la-la-land" with your bad crooning, or be elated with your sweet tones. The point of it all is to have a great time, and this is for sure one way to do just that.

5. revel in the day

Regardless of what happens on your wedding day, you should be sure to enjoy as many moments as you possibly can. Be who you are on your day and indulge in all of the happenings taking place. If you made it to the aisle with a smile (or happy tears because we love the mushy stuff), you deserve to thoroughly enjoy yourself. So, revel...

4. take plenty of pictures

We advise against our brides having their phones during the earlier part of the day. In fact, when given permission to keep the phone we don't give it back until after the reception has started. We do this because we don't want any undue stress before you walk down the aisle. While we suggest this, we still advocate for plenty of pictures, whether that is by way of taking plenty of selfies (perhaps via the maid or matron of honor) or having your photographer there to capture any and every special moment.

3. steal some time

If time permits, we schedule a little alone time for you and your love as soon as you say "I do" so you can have a moment just to soak in the fact that you are now married!!! We also ALWAYS suggest a sweetheart table. The whole point of a wedding is for two people to become one. It is because of love that we have all come to this beautiful party and if you don't steal moments to simply smile or share a kiss, you won't have any truly gooey parts...and we are all team gooey at Simone Elise Events.

2. take a bow

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Joining two individuals, who have two completely different families, with all of their likes and dislikes, wants, "needs", and traditions, and getting everyone to be in agreement is not always as easy as it sounds. (That was a joke!) Even in the nicest of families, there can still be opposing views on how things should be done. No matter the amount of resistance you receive on your way to the altar, once you make it and are pronounced husband and wife, and oh...you kiss the bride, take a bow. You did that honey! Bravo!

1. say thank you

The one thing that will never change about people is their option of choice. We all have the option to choose what we do every second of every day. For people to choose to spend their time, and even their money on and with you is something to be treasured. We often feel that the words thank you are two very small words, but they leave a very significant impact on people. It is an acknowledgement of their choice of you. So, remember to say those two smalls words. It makes a difference.

We hope we shared something if not everything you will take with you on your wedding day. We wish you the absolute best and we thank you for your time and attention today. (Did you see what we just did there?)


Until next time...

be sweet & happy planning!


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