are a husband and wife team who specialize in planning, designing, and executing your dream day. We take away your chaos, uncertainties, stress, and your pressures. We pour our hearts and souls into everything we do because we love ... love. We live to witness your magical journey, as it unfolds from the excitement of your proposal to the explosion of cheers as you drive away as husband and wife on wedding night. 

husband and wife team
husband and wife wedding planners
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"Queen of Pretty"

I love weddings and events! I think that it all started for me with family functions and holiday parties. It wasn't just about the party, but also about the atmosphere and the camaraderie among those in attendance. Once I got a little older and became extremely involved in music and dance, I realized I was a perfectionist. I had to nail every single request being made, and I found that desire had been present in almost every aspect of my life. I concern myself with the details most won't think about, because that is ultimately what creates the experience. That's what we do. We create ways for the experience of your day to be seamless and specific to what you desire. 

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"King of Execution"

My wife has often referred to me as the finisher. Anything that gets thrown at me will be executed far beyond anybody’s expectations. I have a broad, dynamic, and solid foundation for creativity and perspective. I have no choice. I live with the most creative woman on the planet. I also cater to the inner dapper in the fellas, as my background lends to the distinctive style of men and their fashion. Because of my innate ability to be quick on my feet and resolve anything that comes my way, I am the guy’s guy. Trust me, you want us running the show for your special day. 

husband and wife event management

10 fun facts about us...

  • We have 2 girls, whose middle names were the inspiration for the name of our company: Simone and Elise. We created this company to give them something for their future, whether that is the company itself, the idea that they can own their own businesses…yes, plural, or just the vision of their mom and dad working together to bring happiness to others.

  • I am the cook, but Darius is the chef. I cook so we can survive, as most people eat daily. But Darius cooks because he wants to make your taste buds dance.

  • We are both lovers of all types of music. We both sing and dance, because at one point in our lives it was all we knew.

  • We are both leos. We are both very aggressive, dominant in personality, and we rise to any challenge, but somehow we balance one another very well. Don’t ask me how, because I can’t tell you. I can tell you a few stories later that would have you rolling on the floor.

  • We both love to talk, just at different times. Weird right?!

  • I am very loud. Darius is very calm. (yaaassssss, and I love it!!!)

  • Darius is a techy while electronics frustrate me. It’s funny, but it’s not funny.

  • I am wiggling my toes when I get to eat popcorn, chocolate, popcorn drizzled with chocolate…oh and brownies!!! Darius finds his happy place in crunch'n munch, Doritos with avocado dip (yuck!), gummi worms, and just ripe bananas (though I think he likes them green). 

  • When it comes to television, I am held captive by romantic comedies and reality tv, while Darius is really into action/adventure and sci-fi.

  • My quirky addictions involve lots of nail polish and really pretty paper, and his involves youtube "how-to" videos…on any subject matter. (Don't tell him I told you.)

another thing about us is that we were 

Voted #1 by  David Tutera

What a day!!! and such an amazing experience. We participated in the 2016 Everything Bridal Show and were voted BEST BOOTH by Celebrity David Tutera. We have shared a few of the photos from our display below.

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"Even though I had hired Latisha simply as a day of coordinator, she gave me ideas and advice leading up to the day of that had a huge impact on my wedding day."

~ Paige, Bride